Putin Warns Of World War 3 – Mainstream Media Completely Ignores Him (MUST WATCH)


Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to the mainstream media during a press conference where he claimed that the world is being pushed …


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  1. tuubydude says:

    Y'all have the strangest last names, lol.

  2. msm is just plain stupid there paychecks are more important than there families

  3. nameless 1 says:

    this was an excellent collaborative discussion on Earth's geo political insanity, thank you

  4. shtf we all help russia

  5. bob padok says:

    if you are in war..you need dictatorship….russia is in various kind of wars for years…so dictatorship must remain. You need conditions to open into freedoms….putin is smart to see it and looking for balance between dictatorship and possible freedoms. We had many smart dictators in the past and we have one at present….

    Help keep independent media alive!
    ~ Josh

  7. now Canada will have to pay the price for making the wrong decision TAKEN by one stupid PM.

  8. Thank you all for the info and discussion. You are providing a very important service for preventing a nuclear war.

  9. croutonscarf says:

    The reason I'm smirking at 17:20 is that a strange old woman had just walked in front of our camera, despite seeing it and realizing we were filming. Her coming into the shot is edited out, but it was pretty funny and pretty ridiculous. I'm definitely not smirking over the subject matter Josh is discussing. -John D.

  10. Putin is the only sane leader!

  11. Jo S. says:

    There is no such thing as nuclear war—there is only annihilation….period

  12. Putin totalitarian? Seriously? He's democratically elected. Well, you're norwegian like me, so I know how we have been brainwashed to believe this. But really, it's not true.

  13. Lee Curt says:

    E-gads you guys.
    Putin makes a speech about
    what you feel leads to WW 3,
    and your looking for support
    and donations.
    The extension of the American
    Joke lives on.

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