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  1. The biggest problems we have right now for taking out the globalists is the fear of economic collapse and the specter of being branded a conspiracy theory nut or racist extremest. The Obama left has now taken the role that the Bush administration had in shutting down outrages conspiracy theory's and Hillary will do the same and advance the agenda even more then the last two combined. The real threat of WW3 and nuclear war could be the kick that the people of the world need that supersedes the first worries and drives good people to action against the global elitists.

  2. Putin come get me and my kids please.. call me for real I hear you…

  3. Nick Blake says:

    we are so fucked… god Obama shut your mouth before you get us all killed

  4. Heidi K. says:

    Please get rapture ready people: accept JESUS CHRIST as your personal Lord and Savior before it's too late!!

  5. This is serious people! Lets not argur about race. We need to pray!!!

  6. I'm going to add my five cents to all this and I bet it will make sense…I am so freaking tired of our government letting countries get away with some shit with just a slap on the wrist and say but next time don't forget I'm unstoppable no country is stronger then the US I'm only letting it go just this once because after all I can easily destroy you…and by that being said over and over again gives them time to some day say fuck you thanks for you're big brother advise now I'm ready to fuck you up!!!!

  7. it is amazing how we all get worked up with the crap taking place in society today. if we are children of God we should just live life, walk the straight and narrow path and gather others if we can for the kingdom of God. Nothing we say or do will change the world for Christ himself said these things must come to pass before he returns. We are living in a time of the Babylonians where we have diversity and one common language (as in the days of Noah). people pray and fast for the time of his return is like a thief in the night.

  8. t42 Press says:

    not by obmabo slash nato silly ; islam

  9. All of you that believe this crap are crackpots! People who create these videos just do it so they can monetize their videos and make money.

  10. Russia is love
    Usa is evil

  11. Neil Brown says:

    I think Putin isn't a crazy Russian like certain people lead to believe. Normal citizens of any country wants to live a normal life, raising their family and going to work and leading a normal life. I've always thought ," why do other countries hate America so much?" As I got older and more and more bullshit takes place all over the world, I've started questioning things. From what I've seen, there's people from all over living just like we are here in America. And one more thing, If we are at odds with China, then why are we still allowing them to import their garbage products over here!!!!!!!!!!????? And notice that not many ( if any) products here in our shitty walmarts are made in Russia. You have to ask yourself why. The whole Cuban embargo bullshit, did you see how the Cuban president reacted when Obama tried to put his arm around him for a photo op !!?? Something's not right. And it all starts right here in America.

  12. Mr. Fixit says:

    I am terrified.. For myself, for my family.. I don't know how to protect my family against an offensive brought on by the stupid actions of my country…

  13. LoveJ says:

    Firing squad is needed!

  14. please tell me if this really on the news
    I'm really freaked out

  15. Mk Bln says:

    fucking americans hate them all fucking cowards and queers

  16. Ann Benson says:

    The Pope and the bishops need to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In her message, she said that if they do not do this, whole nations will be annihilated. Look up Our Lady of Fatima message of 1917 to three children in Portugal.

  17. rustytr says:

    so do you want to believe Russian propaganda or US propaganda? choice is yours I suppose.

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