Quantum World – The Invisible Reality And Quantum Theory (Documentary)


In this Quantum Physics documentary, we are going present you the quantum world i.e., the invisible reality of the quantum world. Learn everything you need to …


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  1. The universe is scientifically created on a plain surpassing ever-possible human comprehention. As the most beautiful and perfect paradox, never to be comprehensively simplified as mere human emperical science.

  2. Ach these philosophers… This one has so little to say but drags it along to such an extent that you hope he has got some spectacular insight right around the corner but get disappointed in his pedestrian statements every single time!

  3. I love that the panel is so polite and accepting of each other's views. They're very passionate about their own theories and open to debate without needing to disprove the others. I'm looking forward to experiencing the reality where this approach is common place in politics, government, religion and any discussion with varying perspectives.

  4. Gene Thaxton says:

    David needs to not speak when he has nothing to say… It's really annoying that he adds nothing but shallow commentary on other panelists specific fields of study

  5. The sad thing is that there was a man before 100 years thinking outside the box and till another one is born we will continue watching other people talking bout his work and not continue it…

  6. I have a simple question about the "interference pattern". Instead of the "wave " could all that's happening is the block of Iron's gravity is affecting the electrons? When the electron gets near the block of iron the gravity of the iron block is doing what you guys are thinking of a "wave like pattern"?

  7. Yaniv Stern says:

    W against T, reference required. #conspiracyofscience

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