Is this memes? Do you think?


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  1. JLH7919 says:

    Why are you acting like this is a personal attack on you? Yeah this'll get greenlit but who the fuck cares? itll sell a handfull of copies and never get heard from again.

  2. Leave Pepe alone, he doesn't deserve all this cancer! Why is anything that was remotely funny 9 years ago suddenly ruined just now?! People don't even know where he's from, damnit! Also, Pleasediepie is not a fucking meme – /game! Also he didn't get paid to laugh, he's just on crack.

  3. I think doge stopped being funny after what, a week? Why does it still persist today?

  4. TheChasexy says:

    I think this is the most embarrassing thing you've shown from Greenlight.

  5. Joshua V says:

    I like the pepe as an emoji. Id pay 10 cents for that.

  6. govin pillai says:

    At least the narrator's accent is funny

  7. I'm just disappointed at this point.

  8. Really surprised this game wasn't made by BMC studios.

  9. Todesnuss says:

    Depending on the level of irony this game is meant to be on is either completely cringeworthe or absolutely briliant.

  10. Ok, this one hurt my soul.

  11. Originality? XD Oh Jim, that question never applied just by title and game description alone.

  12. Angry Merlin says:

    The MEMES Jack!

  13. That laugh could extinguish life in a person.

  14. Hey, West of Loathing was on Greenlight these past few weeks, so not all of it is terrible…. Right?

  15. Jack Pipsam says:

    Although more effort did go into that trailer than most.

  16. NikuMuchi says:

    Does this MLG fad ever gonna stop? I was late when I made my montage parody and was told that shit's played out.

  17. Rakinjo2 says:

    4.20 is actually more than 300% higher than the average price for a game of this caliber.

  18. link to the greenlight so we can vote no.

    also they need some way to prevent teens from voting. teens are retards.

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