Rage Against the Machine DOC (part 10 of 10)



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  1. vidfuse says:

    anything that one thinks of can be created with enough "knowledge",time and resources; the question is wether or not one is willing to create these kinds of things.

  2. always somebody willing. that is not the question that needs asking…

  3. these so called scientists are pathetic ego-maniacs and they don't care if they do enleash a black hole on our planet and solar system who the fcuk are they to play god???

  4. zippyman818 says:

    Post hoc, ergo propter hoc!

    (hate when that happens)

  5. merlinjimmy says:

    Despite what some may say, technology is neither good nor evil. Just like a gun, it's based on the intent of the wielder. I agree that something should not be built simply because it can be.

  6. cleverwolf4 says:

    Excellent! Thank you for a very informative documentary. Let the knowledge continue to expand and reach people both near and far. HEAL MOTHER EARTH AND SHE WILL PROVIDE FOR HER CHILDREN! 🙂

  7. Great doc…

    As to your ending comments: there's the Venus Project – could be a viable alternative.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. MrJbadass says:

    An excellent doc- very informative even if the particle accelerator "appears" benevolent now. Are the new "gatekeepers" of knowledge to be trusted? Or have they sold us down the river in the name of scientific "progress" over & over again to enrich themselves & satisfy their egos? Just think about what balanced humans can accomplish (those who actively engage both sides of their brain- not just operating from their logic with its "progress at any cost" mentality!)

  9. Redshift313 says:

    In 500 million years the SUN will deplete it's energy… we can sit around and do nothing… other then watch the population explosion deplete the Earth's resources or do what we can to adapt to either inevitability. Though Science is a double edged sword, it's the best tool we have for the job. It's the ONLY thing that makes our lives BETTER then that of our ancestors. What's more frightening then Corporate Greed Mongering Science ? Oh Yeah… the IGNORANCE and COMPLACENCE of the Masses !!!

  10. Baxxter101 says:

    Jesus Christ… The paranoia of the film maker is so apparent it is horrible.

    The only reason I made it this far is because the footage is interesting… The structure this dude decided to use in this film is HORRID.

    Seriously… If you are so against and afraid of the risk required for obtaining new knowledge, go climb back into the rain forest canopy and stop bothering those of us who are evolving.

  11. jm771000 says:

    I hope you are evolving! But I would like you to rethink that again my friend. This gentleman does not seem to me as paranoid but concerned which we "evolving humans" don't recognize anymore.

  12. Baxxter101 says:

    "Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?"

    Know it.

  13. jm771000 says:

    huh? … I am sorry i quite don't understand your statement here. Can you emphasize

  14. Baxxter101 says:

    I don't remember the exact reason I spoke those particular words in that particular order, but my best guess is that this film assumes an inevitable DOOM. See 3:30 onward… using phrases like "no one knows with any comfortable certainty what the outcome will be" is exactly what is wrong with western thinking. If we lived by such a mantra there would be no running water or electricity, because things sometimes do go horribly wrong when humanity ventures into new territory. Yet we prevail.

  15. Baxxter101 says:

    Look, life sucks. Get a fucking helmet.

  16. jm771000 says:

    Yea your not all wrong. I agree with you at least to most of your point of view. I guess they intensify the fear factor … at the same time most of the theories are unsure …

  17. norman1102 says:

    a very mediocre documentary

  18. You should see the documentary Norman1102 made… It's incredible.

  19. luis sancho says:

    silly boy the machine evolves you devolve, but your arrogance makes you think the machines is 'you'. Go an eat petroleum instead of the water and food of the rain forest, see how fast you move, LOL

  20. Brilliant documentary that should be required viewing for all middle and high schoolers!

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