RAISING THE RUSSIAN FLAG – Call of Duty: World War 3 Mod Gameplay


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  1. James Hazel says:

    I'm no expert but I'm sure that when the capital of a country is taken by an invading force as a rule the country that lost its capital loses the war (although you could do an interesting American resistance type series)

  2. Smailovi4 says:

    That end was so cool..!

  3. Russians charge the Capital building with U.S troops making a last stand defense.

  4. "We've got mean people coming down our center…" DiplexHeated 2016

  5. Bradwin Huff says:

    this game is so awsome

  6. DiplexHeated says:

    24:12 – Never seen a video glitch like that before. It looks like the video feed is being EMP'd LOL

  7. Once again left saying, where are the United States' M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams which are battle tested as the best in the world. Or their massive amounts of AFVs. I'm just saying Russia would have a much harder time than this. I would say impossible but I know you have to make your videos interesting which I like.

  8. The battle is lost, but the U.S will win the war.

  9. Lol dislikers are salty american scum!!!!

  10. Chris Borden says:

    I honestly think that you deserve tons more subs with all the uploads and dedication you have its amazing what you do its too bad the game isn't the most popular otherwise you'd be pasts a mil I've been here sense 40k and I'll stay forever

  11. HoCoRydaaH says:

    which mission is this? some of the missions for this mod just crash when I start them up

  12. Camo Cactus says:

    It would be nice if you stopped swaering, might unsub

  13. I know it's a game and I love this mod but as a Marine this video makes me feel like I'm not doing my job

  14. Love your vids (Legend has it, He might respond)

  15. Taav'n Clark says:

    That was a good video but would've loved to see police and national guard but can't wait to see what you do next.

  16. cehjay says:

    I haven't been watching these videos where the Russian are winning. Idk it's just me.

  17. dude i know you will not going to do any more yugoslav wars but can you do some random wars like Lithuania vs Serbia or Croatia vs Mexico??

  18. Houses have been in annoyingly good conditions these past few videos

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