RARE: Iron Maiden “Ed Force One” Boeing 747-428 [TF-AAK] Beautiful Landing in Toronto on RWY 23


Hello everyone, UP THE IRONS! Here is the moment we’ve all been waiting for! On Saturday, April 2, 2016, hundreds of metal fans and plane fanatics gathered …


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  1. Great Metal group, great metal bird.Iron Maiden rules,747 rules.Awesome capture.

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  3. Johnny Bills says:

    That's awesome, what time did they arrive?

  4. That´s a huge private jet 🙂 Great catch of the Ed Force One.

  5. dvldi says:

    Congrats on catching Ed Force One ! Well done!

  6. RaúlElite says:

    Nice video ! Toronto Plane Spotter Great channel ! like friend!

  7. RVNspotting says:

    Awesome that you caught this! Nice job!

  8. Tom Reis says:

    Great job show was awesome too cheers thanks!!!

  9. Ben Jacox says:

    You got a very awesome catch man. I loved this video. This was my first time seeing Maiden live.

  10. Hello guys! Awesome catch!

    Could I use this video for my aviation channel? I'm making a video about the Iron Maidens arriving YYZ with the ATC and some maps. I would definitely credit your channel, of course! Thanks a lot! :)

  11. Now that's an awesome catch, great to see the big crowd out to greet her. Nice footage!

  12. Awesome spot! Looks like they managed to fix it then

  13. flavy1000 says:

    Aguante que grosso Dickinson aterrizando con esa nievecita….un master en todo!

  14. Wowwww…amazinggg 747! Scary shit too, this horrorplane! 😉
    Great video, man! Greetz

  15. An Ar says:

    Lol they traded in their 757? Does Ed have his certification type to fly a 747 like he did with his 757?

  16. so  fucking  cool  so  fucking  cool  in  Vancouver  tonight  wooo  oo!!!

  17. flybyplane says:

    Great lucky shot mate. I would be so glad if I could catch it on the tour. :-)

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