Face on the Milk Carton: What Happened to Johnny Gosch?

Ted Gunderson: Death of a Public Paranoid






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  1. ix xi says:

    I need help for my sister and nephew's. Currently DSS in my county is under investigation because they have removed so many children from loving homes and the children have all been kept by DSS employee's. I know how corrupt DSS is here because of what they did to me. It all started with a "reporter" taking my photograph on a playground near the school. ….Please help, this must stop. We don't have a lot of money but will do whatever it takes to protect our family!

  2. rose rose says:

    watch The conspiracy of silence.Ted L Gunderson.He has been fighting for these children and for the truth to come out.They tried to kill him several times.And he died of poisoning,His doctor testified he did die of poisoning.

  3. The Johnny Gosch story is what first opened my eyes to this whole #"Pedogate" epidemic

  4. Head Trip says:

    There is much interference while trying to play this video…….just wanted to let you know………intentional??????

  5. sounds like it sounds like a time for the Civil War in this country to start

  6. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

  7. SACTICAL BAG says:

    He "ran away " by jumping into a van with a stranger ? Shows child abduction is intentionally ignored cause no cop with any sense would even contemplate that as a possibility . But reality is cops , doctors , lawyers ,teachers and politicians are all involved and Johnny was a obviously a hard working , good kid that didn't deserve that treatment .

  8. Dear God !! Help Us ! Destroy and expose this evil to the world until they listen! Put It In Their Face until they listen and are outraged enough to do everything to eliminate this evil! OMG HELP US!!!!

  9. The man who made this video.. do you know his name? Did I miss it? Is he safe?

  10. Julie Miller says:

    These parents must be taking valium to be talking so calmly. It made me nervous. The mother even laughed. I couldn't keep watching.

  11. YOU'RE A HERO, AND SO IS YOUR DAD!!! KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!!????????????????

  12. kath david says:

    Look after our children, we need to look after our children, everyones children, these cowards will rot in hell. KARMA IS UPON YOU, AND YOU WILL PAY.

  13. Kurt Ballard says:

    FBI headquarters (202) 324-3000 CALL

  14. Was Waco a camp for pedogate?

  15. Terry Beahan says:

    Mr. President Trump, the good powerful Samaritans, or the secret operatives: i beg of you all, please plunge out those evils who raped and killed children one by one until they are gone from this earth. May God keeps you safe and strong.

  16. Terry Beahan says:

    this is so deep worldwide. it's so sick. this is the world without God. I'm so sad and sickening to older men in which we the younger children were reached to respect the elderly…some older men, I meant. but I know there are many good men in this world. how do we distinguish them? oh, God help us.

  17. Jeff Smith says:

    i truly believe that child protection services are the biggest contributors to the child prostitution rings . social workers have either turned a blind eye and or have contributed wholeheartedly .

  18. This is revolting offensive and it's evil as it gets! And I am sharing this over social media people need to know just how critical this is become and we need to expose this evil within our government and agencies of state and corporations that are involved need to be exposed. Please share this everyone!

  19. KEVIN FLYNN says:

    Yes sir that was the crack in the door been working hard on this since that email.

    http://jimmycomet.imgur.com/all/ ONE OF MY IMGUR ACCOUNTS

    https://ww3radar.imgur.com//all/ MY SECOND LOTS OF LINKS IN THOSE PICS TOO

  20. Kevin, I know can speak for countless of mankind when we applaud your effort in making this a focus to Society. Knowing the flack and repercussions of making this mainstream only makes you more of a hero. My respect for you in trying to save children is immense. My God bless you for it and give you a special place in heaven! It's unthinkable one of my kids ever having to go through anything like this, enhances my support for the death penalty. Thank you and any other person that brings awareness to these horrors, the sooner that this epidemic is dealt with the better.

  21. has a person that has been conceived because my mom was taken in by the leech Shadow government and prostituted and as a person that has been traffic throughout my life I know about the elite Shadow government and their sickness and I am pissed I want something done about this and I'm tired of the denial

  22. Sj eischen says:

    I'm researching human trafficking currently. Excellent video again, Kevin.

  23. little faith says:

    This is very valuable video. Please upload and save. I'm surprised its not gone. It won't let me upload. Poor Johhny and his family. What a brave Mother – I remember when this happened.

  24. We need to focus on all state foster systems that have historically put out dysfunctional children start in Maine. As A physician I have reported crimes against children that have been ignored by the state government and local police .

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