READY FOR WAR – Siege World (Season 3 – Episode 5)


Today we get together the final preparations for War! IP — Play.Siege.World Who wants to see more Siege World? Follow me on Twitter:!


20 Responses

  1. Jerome play with YouTube people plz

  2. Blink is a custom enchant and a hack. Lolz

  3. sparten0918 says:

    Upgrade the wall to bedrock so they can't enter you house

  4. Livie Turner says:

    y would any1 dislike this

  5. Livie Turner says:

    I'll bet about 8 million rainbows jerome won't respond to this

  6. DirtyPotato says:

    Some stupid girl runied Merome for me and my other friends D:

  7. Deathstroke is a killer butt he a good guy and a bad guy

  8. xRedMist says:

    I saw Jerome in the server today! I saw his name on tab a few minutes ago.

  9. aidan fraser says:

    That's as bad as my internet connection!!!

  10. Tan Grey says:

    grazer will win xO

  11. Shawn Chuang says:

    your crazyer craft is a bit weird

  12. Logan Gibbs says:

    I can't play ????????????

  13. Sayed Sadat says:

    but BajanCanadian

  14. Where's the war video it's been two days

  15. Eric Webber says:

    This fucking connection I have is shit

  16. Is dragons good team

  17. They should add if you are a youtuber (like you Jerome) can be a general and you get to lead a number of people into battle.

  18. Billy Pham says:

    U NEED 14,844 subs left to get to 4mil subs remember when u were at 1 mill and asked for higher likes

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