Real Secret Societies – Diaboli Ordinati Intrepidi


The original title of this documentary is “From JFK to 9/11 everything’s a rich man’s trick” however I thought I would change the name not only to bring light to it once more under a different title but to also highlight that this is one of the only documentaries that actually speaks on the real Secret Societies which for most are still a secret.

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21 Responses

  1. This is the ONLY video I've seen that ever makes mention of the shooter in the storm drain. I was told this information over 3 years ago by a man who claimed to be from the CIA and was a pilot/smuggler of some sort. He knew the name of the shooter, the make and model of the rifle used (which I forgot), and the type of bullet used was a high caliber magnum round (which was meant to be the coup de grace) which makes sense considering his brains were blown out the back of his head…

  2. skan8 says:

    This should be available in all major languages .

  3. CAN'T believe I watched the whole thing without missing a thing this was great

  4. Joe Haik says:

    If the Zapruder film was doctored, why didn't anyone there in person to witness the assasination mention that the car stopped after the video was released to the public? It seems like that would be a big thing to not notice or mention.

  5. thanks for putting this on

  6. juicearibe says:

    Can I be a member?

  7. obi2020 says:

    This sort of avarice is some sort of mental or spiritual disorder. What good are riches in a world that's torn apart by suffering and strife?

  8. Inafghanistan the west/usa fund war against terror, but then western/usa drug use funds the terror/ taliban, hypocrisy is there perfidious manner. immorality and money same as 1920 sovet

  9. "The End of all Evil" by Jeremy Locke

  10. I thought for sure u were going to mention more about slavery and the years of free labor and no reparations. Or the black leaders that were killed after JFK. Or more on the military police. Another reason for JFK death I think had more to do with him wanting to change the Federal Reserve system which include all the usual suspects. Very incite full however.

  11. Jimmy Cruz says:

    Wrong about the government not being involved with the robber barons. Look it up. Didn't start in skull and bones. Started in Europe. Arguably it started in Babylon actually

  12. America is a secret society. The most forbidden thing of all is to practice true Christianity, which compels Christians to expose the lies of evil dirtbags.

  13. today 206 fascists did not like this===boo hoo time to see ….the machine has failed….good bye war

  14. We are sheep we are fucked

  15. estaba viendo un twerk de mia khalifa, que hago aquí?

  16. Logans Run says:

    Manchurian .A lone shooter scape goat

  17. Logans Run says:

    The Italian mob..Now I see why more Italians were immigrated here than any ethnic group.until the K zar Jews Who are not true Jews.the Vatican assassins.Mobsters.Chicago home.A diabolicle democrap.Catholics.We know their end demise.GOD Tells us in his prophetic WORD.GOD men's what he says and means what he says.Globalists Satantsnjsts prepare to meet the true GOD.Repent or burn in HELL!!!".

  18. RC LaROCK says:

    deep… but that doesn't look like young bush similar heads.

  19. no mention of Albert pike or the Jewish gangsters parading around as Italians??? A lot of information in here but a lot missing

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