Real truth behind islam Full Documentary


Real truth behind islam Full Documentary.


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  1. Conor Laffan says:

    FUCK THE MUSLIMS!! THEY DESERVE TO PERISH!! exept the very nice ones ;)

  2. tweakypoppy says:

    Islam means 'submission' not peace.

  3. If Islam wasn't there then Christianity would have never started. I pity on a lot of Christians in the comment section who don't know anything about Islam or their own religion. Islam is there from time the earth was formed. Jesus was born Muslim and is one of the most respected prophets. Now in Bible, you'll never see a sentence where Jesus says "Pray me". He always said pray the god. Now there are some idiots who consider Jesus as god.

  4. MotoAtheist says:

    All religions are bullshit and the only way any of them propagate is through force, threats and fear. They are all the same. What is most amazing about all religions, they all seem to have a bottom line interest in what we all do with our genitals.

    GOD (Genitals Obsessed Dictator)

  5. This video is for people that hate Islam so if you're a Muslim, then fuck off.

  6. Hanna5859 says:

    The title "Real truth behind islam" led me to expect a more "balanced" view of Islam, but the documentary is anything but "balanced" or even truthful. Much historical facts (according to their own writing about the life of Mohammad) are lightly glossed over, rationalized, misrepresented, or not mentioned at all. This is more a propaganda than an informative documentary.

  7. Komal Patel says:

    it's not Islam that exist the day man was born…. it's a man-made shit n filthy religion… Hinduism is the oldest of all n then comes Christianity… Islam is way behind…. so no way one can same its tht old… shit people with shit knowledge… Muslims can only be terrorists n sinners…. do not fit in human category

  8. Sahira Khan says:

    i love this video

  9. Americans didn't started slavery,  there was millions of America against slavery and many of white Americans would help many blacks except slavery,  many of you blacks folks don't realize  Muslims started slavery to the west ,  you damn lying uncleans Muslims,    Death to Islam and the Muslims in America….   When Jesus Christ returns millions of blacks will be destroyed swept clean off of this land.

  10. The Warden says:

    If Islam wants to stay, they need to prove they are peaceful like the other main religions, so far we are not impressed.

  11. hunger is the only religion for thousands of people but those who enough just can't sit quite

  12. Black people don't deserve to be Muslim. They are Niggers. In reality, Niggers are bad people. So they cannot truly practice Islam. Niggers…

  13. Savas Altay says:

    Still Dont Get İt ?

    Every Single Person İn The Same Ship !

  14. Ted Crilly says:

    Hitler…get your coat're up

  15. justin blake says:

    Rhi is bullshit th quran says to kill jews kills Christians and behead all non believers

  16. Onesimus says:

    This is the worst "propagandumentary" I've ever heard! If you're looking to understand Isalm, look elsewhere.

  17. FranceAlive says:

    Jesus Christ loves you so much that he died on the cross for your sins and mine – to keep you out of hell and to make a place for you in heaven forever. To become Christian all one need do is say a simple prayer and believe in your heart that Jesus died for you and wants you to come to him and live eternally. Here is an example of that prayer you can say right now and be saved from hell:
    Lord Jesus, I believe You died so I might be accepted as a child of God. Please forgive me, help me turn from my sins and show me how to follow You every day. Thank you for saving me and giving me eternal life. Amen

  18. Kurturmis says:

    he lost me when he said "worlds great religion"… not sure if any religion should be called "great"

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