Red Alert! Intercepted “Jihadist Chatter” Suggests False Flag Terrorist Attack Upon Pantex (TX) Nuclear Facility


Last summer, I was contacted by a Texas Ranger who told me that the Rangers were highly concerned about ISIS incursions and he felt that the Pantex Nuclear facility was a likely target terrorists.

Terrorist Attack

Also, my military sources identified Pantex as a likely target as well.

My apprehension level increased significantly when I received an in intercepted communication written in a Middle Eastern language, known to a Iraqi veteran. The veteran, Doug Maxwell passed along the communication to me this morning. This information is less than 24 hours old.

Mr Hodges,

My name is Doug Maxwell, I live in Shamrock, Texas. 100 miles due east of Amarillo.
First off, I’m a veteran of 15 yrs. My last tour was in Iraq, Desert Storm. So what I’m going to tell you is not BS.

I’m a truck driver for a local fuel company here. We go to Amarillo and load our fuel and bring it back to our local gas stations and locals who order it. The facility in Amarillo is a loading and large tank facility on the north side of Amarillo, which the fuel is pipelined from the refinery at Sunray, Tx. and Borger, Tx. This supplies the whole Tx Panhandle and surrounding states, New Mexico and Oklahoma and parts of Kansas.

I’ve been reading your articles for along time and I pretty much agree with what you say.  One article tonight prompted me to email you, the Texas Ranger who sent you the email!

Well, I would like to pass on something that happened this morning when I was loading my fuel. (Especially to the Ranger that contacted you)

At 930 am this morning I pulled into the loading rack and hooked up and started loading. There are 4 lanes there and each has a small shack to enter your info into computer. As I was doing this I noticed a wire notepad laying on the counter to the side. It was opened up and there was some writing on this pad. Being curious I picked it up and read it. It was a Muslim writing. It was in America,  the language that is used in the Mideast. And it was being translated into English. Talking of the sanctity of Allah and about the prophet Mohamed. I was thinking this was some kind of a Muslim prayer someone was writing down, or practicing.

In one of your articles you talk of Amarillo being a target because of Pantex. I agree. Pantex is only a few miles to the east of this facility. This loading facility would make a good distraction for someone wanting to do us harm.

This facility is supposed to be secure, video security 24\7 coded gates etc. But !!!!! Who’s to stop a driver of one of these companies from committing jihad in this place???

You might try and get this info to that Ranger, I’m sure he might like to know that these guys are around Amarillo.
God Bless in all that you do.
Semper Fi !

Will Pantex, located near Lubbock, TX., be the next sight for a country changing false flag event?

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