RED ALERT Why Is Obama Threatening Russia With World War 3 Right Before The Election


Obama is Ready to Nuke Russia ✓Obama Clinton Doesn’t Want You To See This Video WW3 Martial Law & Dollar Collapse …


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  1. Judi Loera says:

    Stupid shit Graham thinks we're stupid…we ALL know Assad was framed by ALL YOU DUMB FKS NOW RUNNING OUR GOVT. HOPE YOUR ONE OF THOSE BEING EXPOSED.
    Remember 11/5 …LAW AND ORDER.

  2. SpaceManAus says:

    I wont fight to defend Islam and that's what the WW3 will be about as the is what we will end up with if this NWO get in place and I will not be put under some doctrine like Islam or any other form of NWO communist dictatorship under some form of satanic barbaric leadership.

    The only NWO government I want to see is one designed by the people for the people not designed for industry as that would only give them the wright to rap the earth a will as there will be no process to stop them.

  3. that's the agenda ww3, but nobody wants any war! that's a Fact!!!!!

  4. Mark H says:

    "A great leader of a nation never takes his/her people into harms way." I would think Putin feels the same way.

  5. Mr. Graham, is the best,, excellent, question of truth, bullshit the Secretary and the generals, they can not answer Mr Graham, that they want to replace Assad,

  6. The fit step was eliminating Khadaffi, in order to flood Europe with refugees. Khadaffi more or less controlled the flow of refugees on the Mediterreanian Sea

  7. bryan hurd says:

    So the American public/ military is a globalist toy

  8. Moral of the story we are in danger and have some problems.some ppl don't concentrate on what the presidents want to do for the country only drama.and this world is just destroying itself what has this world become? this election..idek anymore.

  9. Ryan Hendo says:

    Armageddon is what they want the script was in the brittish museum but it was taken away look at Georgia guide stones how do u think they are goin to depopulate world to 500.000.000

  10. warning whatever you do dont consult spirit mediums, look for omens, use tarot cards, study numerology, study the stars, make altars. warning, pray to the Most High for help. throw that other stuff out and you might want to burn it.

  11. Gina Abio says:

    So this means Obama is a war criminal along with Clinton's and Bushes. why again are we funding ISIS?

  12. hahahahahhahhahhhhahahaha.

  13. bleed blue says:

    America need war, if not dollar will collapse

  14. Bison Days says:


  15. Mark W says:

    Great to see many Americans verbalizing their concerns about their own corrupt administration, same here in Australia, we all need to come together and arrest all these criminals, lock them up and through away the key. And what sort of dickhead is that cop asking if the guy was some sort of constitutionalist, he as an officer is supposed to be upholding the constitution of America. America has well and truly been infiltrated. Beware the enemy from within.

  16. Tiny Tim says:

    War is unnecessary.. Its between god and Satan.. We are pawns 

  17. Tiny Tim says:

    The truth came out too late..Americans were too busy getting fat and brainwashed by Fox need CNN, ABC..and the rest of the brainwashing machine

  18. Tiny Tim says:

    America needs to Repent turn away from Satan and Temptation.. Ask god for Help…Satan is fooling all of us…stop the hate and perversion…. Stop the perversion..its disgusting.

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