Red Dawn | World War 3 | Alternate History | Hearts of Iron 3 Timelapse


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  1. ivan2294 says:

    Mexico? What the fuck

    Also that "Cyrillic" is painful to read

  2. SANKEY says:

    do more HoI3 plz

  3. C.B. Lawless says:

    WOLVERINEvermind I guess we lost.

  4. I don't really mean to be a nit picky but um wasn't their thing about Red Dawn where like Western Europe abandons the United States and only the UK and China stick around to help them?

  5. "we defeated the wrong enemy" General Patton

  6. johuotar says:

    Op comitern Mexico

  7. Mr. Sexy says:

    How do you get the map to look so good and still zoom out that far? My map for me seems to be squished vertically

  8. Zomz Cheezy says:

    Is it me or is the geography of the map really fucked up

  9. Machi Nami says:

    People need to stop using Cyrillic as if it was Latin letters.

  10. Wicchi says:

    This is war Cold War Mod ( description )

  11. It would be a better place

  12. "Mezhico" ahahahahaa im in tears.

    Do you think you can make a Russian civil war time lapse and onwards, where white Russia fights the nazis?

  13. Adrized says:

    Trump's nightmare

  14. Does he reply to the comments sections anymore?

  15. RB33z says:

    Personal opinion, the country colours and coloured letters are awful.

  16. Evan Nelson says:

    This could never happen on so many levels. Good idea though.

  17. Eren Paşa says:

    more hoi3 timelapses we want

  18. Martjn Mao says:

    dat fake cyrrilic tho

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