Refugee Crisis: German far-right groups reject new arrivals


German far-right groups reject new arrivals of refugees, Ali Mustafa has the latest from Germany. Subscribe: …


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  1. C06 Kll4r says:

    Fake bullshit report.

  2. Tim Lennhoff says:

    It's wrong what you say. The refugees attacked the Germans and the police.

  3. Adonis says:

    :DDD really bad journalism. The guy you call Mohammed "syrian refugee" is the mayor of the German city Bautzen Alexander Ahrens. And the Refugees attacked the others.

  4. k Cas says:

    pro nazis? lol, no they are called patriots. And muhamed should go home to his country and fight like a man.

  5. dudadeda1234 says:

    This is nothing new but Wikileaks revealed Hillary's emails that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the financiers of ISIS and Hillary Clinton knew about it and she still sold US weapons to ISIS and received millions of dollars of donations from Saudis (to her Clinton Foundation).

    I'm sure Obama has something to do with this since he is good friend with Saudi's and he is backing Hillary to be the next US president.

    Wikileaks also has revealed that US mainstream media is just as corrupt and untrustworthy that it is covering up Hillary Clinton's scandals and will defend Hillary. For example: CNN, CNBC, New York Times, USA Today, and etc.

    86 year old George Soro, a good friend of Hillary who promotes no borders and free trades, makes money off of chaos financed Hillary Clinton and created the refugee crisis in Europe utilizing his NGO cronies and hippie volunteers. Soro and his NGO cronies encouraged and assisted (maps, cell phones, and etc.) mass migration of Muslims by spreading false ads and rumours that they will receive much money when they get to Europe.

    UN/HCR, full of Muslim members also jumped on this bandwagon and made the situation even worse and EU's Junke took this opportunity to jerk around EU nations for imposing his rules.

    Brexit occurs.

    Merkel got shitted on by inviting 900,000 Muslims into Germany and turning into Mother Teresa. CDU, FDP, Gruen, ….. all liberals got pickled in their moral diarrheas.

    What a mess!

    It's time to replace all political heads around western world:
    US, UN, EU, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Sweden and etc.
    Close down the country clubs and clean the houses.

    Vote for fresh bloods (uncorrupt politicians).

  6. New Right UK says:

    "far right" lol. Just ordinary people who have had enough. Good for them

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