Religion, Bible, Can you handle the Truth? (Read My Description Below)


I am quite sure the Religious that claim to understand the bible and take the writing within literally rather then figuratively, will find this video very confronting.


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  1. Caleb Lewis says:

    Michaelnew your a dumb fuck

  2. Sally Heys says:


  3. This is the evil "knowledge" given to mankind by the "Watchers" of Enoch`s time. In the words of Solomon, "They worship creation, but not the CREATOR." The "SUN" is not the "savior of the world". THE SON is. The truth? The TRUTH is not in you.

  4. Wow, tell a big lie and maybe its easier to believe. This is total Luciferian doctrine. Don't believe the lie!

  5. Warpaint On says:

    Your cynicism and anger are obvious. Your rants are merely the odor of what seems to possess your heart. You paint with an exceptionally broad brush… far too broad. I went down this path before… way down it. I had to be extricated from it.

    Your (and my) repulsion at "churchianity" and "religiosity" can be a healthy thing.. if we allow it to turn us away from the 'horizontal', to the 'vertical' again. By vertical. I mean Christ crucified (and He was framed and murdered by the religious regime in cahoots with the Roman government in that day).. and beyond that, the vertical reveals Christ Risen and Ascended.

    You apparently felt, when you did this video, that what I share now, is foolish and laughable. If so, you are experiencing in a tangible way, the cynicism and anger that can strangle the life out of you.

    I hope you will be extricated, saved, from your dilemma. I was.

    Kindest regards.

  6. Egyptian book of the dead spell 125 is about weighing of the heart. Not about Moses. atheist propaganda. Look it up for your self.

  7. I hope everyone watching this is researching the 'facts' being presented here.

  8. sg1gamer says:

    you've achieved the most complete fail ever.lmao

  9. Jarvis Adger says:

    felt like starwars

  10. the sun will die but Jesus shall never pass.

  11. I tried to read comments…WOW…I've always questioned everything…Love your video's…Love & Peace…

  12. So many people ripping off the Zeitgeist documentaries! Pay ten bucks for a damn Netflix account and watch these in their entirety and in better quality for cryin out loud!

  13. ras kass says:

    this is the zeitgeist documentary that sounds even more absurd than the religion story. Theyre all full of shit and will do anything to not face the facts of who the original man is.

  14. chuy1211 says:

    I will pray for all of you! Repent now or perish .

  15. let's face the fact " that no one an i mean no one knows shit until your dead" period end of story ….. we as individuals need to only see an think for our selfs!!! no one helps you be sober an no one helps you drink only you

  16. Ask Me says:

    I'm personally struggling with my faith as I've been a Christian my entire life. Studying history and it's relation with white supremacy led me to question my faith when confronted with indisputable facts. The parallels between ancient Egyptian beliefs are undeniable. Thank you for this video!

  17. Gail Jackson says:

    Yes Sir! the truth will set us free.

  18. Excellent presentation! Thank you! I think I will now ask the Pontiff to watch this also because he has just cooked up a fresh pot of Pop Corn, here at the Vatican where we can sit in luxury of our amphitheatre and watch. (I wonder what the poor are doing today?)

  19. BB&MB EZALB says:

    This is unfortunately a misleading video for those who are unlearned in world religions ,
    It is a damning video for those who would stop at these foolish arguments and not pursue a personal relationship with the historically validated person of The MessiaH ,not some sort of semi-gods of Egypt , Greece , Rome , Hinduism , Buddhism , Shamanism and other dangerous and disgusting sorcellerie.

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