Remember before 911..Bill Cooper told you,.NEW WORLD ORDER



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  1. AnJay351 says:

    reptilians or cyborgs ?

  2. Filip F. says:

    Why are You showing pope Benedict (true pope) with GW Bush and not pope Francis (false prophet) with Obama, ha? Are You going to mislead people, ha?

  3. colt erdel says:

    William cooper is the best god bless is soul. You r deadly missed brother

  4. Free says:

    Question…EVerything. We have been LIED TO for a very LONG Time.

  5. John Plant says:

    And they have whole artificial cities, artificial communities (compart mentalized, infiltrated, completely bought out and paid off), which can easily be used to stage anything.

    Vengeance is the Lord's.

  6. Hey n68, I love your stuff, very good, very eye opening. My question is why do you have over 10k subs but your video mostly have around 2 or 3k views. Have you noticed your views going up?

  7. neweyes777 says:

       They { the Puppets }, don't understand that they are being used because God has turned them over to a Reprobate Mind, sad, just sad! What does it profit a Man to gain the whole world but loose his own soul?! Those Evil Men that don't repent will be those asking the Rocks to fall upon them and hide them from the Wrath of the Lamb, and He who sits upon the Throne, but it will be too late, hell will be Their Eternal Prison. T Y Nicholas, you are brilliant!

  8. Chris Osborn says:

    What a great video!. Its not about what we can do to make the world a better place, its more about what we can do about building our self esteem and belief in ourselves up enough so that collectively we are an unstoppable force. We are trapped by fear of one type or another consciously and unconsciously and we do things that we wouldn't do if we weren't in some type of fear and then trap ourselves with guilt because sometimes we regret our ACTIONS!, and until we remove those fears we are going to forever trap the growing of our self esteem, self-belief, self-acceptance and self-confidence which are going to be necessary if collectively we are going to make a real difference to this planet! I think its more about looking within and learning to do the right thing even in adversity or peer pressure to not do the right thing. Once we have healed ourselves through learning to verbalise our sub conscious controlling thought patterns (patterns in our behaviour that we didn't know existed in us until either we realised and woke up to them or someone (a true friend) points them out to you!), working out how to take back our planet from the crazies that run it at the moment will be easy and pretty trouble FREE I imagine! Trying to work out what to do now is detrimental in some ways because its based on fears so the solutions are mainly targeted at survival – and we don't just want to survive  -we want to take back control of our planet and protect the evolution of our human earth species and find our real place among the stars connecting and learning from other species of peoples/aliens that populate the Multiverse!. Look inward not outward for solutions!

  9. Anne M says:

    Bill was one of the only real truthers with no agenda except to tell us the truth..They killed him for it too..

  10. They are at least 50 to 100 years beyond anything we can imagine! What a profound statement! Rip Bill Cooper

  11. Duran Pierre says:

    People are still dead sleep…

  12. Notice how the star of CIA is the SAME four pointed star as the NATO star 

  13. Rhonda Huynh says:

    your videos are dissappearing

  14. llaevigrof says:

    How many upon waking and seeing the 9-11 attack and the smoking towers on the news, KNEW that this was a false flag… I didn't know that was what they were called then, but, I just knew it was connected to our corrupt 'puppet mafia' government.

  15. llaevigrof says:

    At, (7:40) they do care about the 'blood spilling', as a blood sacrifice, just as they sacrificed animals in the past, humanity is also a continuing blood sacrifice.

  16. D McK says:

    Take some solace that the 'power base' presidents will serve eternity having satan do to them what they've been trying to do to us. Amen.

  17. 1Trupurpose says:

    If anyone is interested, I know a site where you can watch videos of William (Bill) Cooper, audio of his radio broadcast, and read his books for free and you don't have to register. Send me a message and I'll send you the link.

    Another great video Nicholson1968, voted ^

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