REMNANT REPORT – Giants/Nephilim/UFO’s 2 of 3.



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  1. ScottFree says:

    thanks for the meat of the word,,,sweet post.

  2. Well done sir, a very good set of vids. Your reason is 100% lateral & logical, the problem is not many people are speaking that way. It is this kind of studies we need in this time, literal, logical, lateral word of God. The proof is out for all to see ( mind you many are blind to it, but it is there ) so the more who speak logic & sense the better & the more will listen. God Bless to you & may the spirit be with you always to show others the truth.

  3. Atheists like to claim God is committing Genocide when He commands Joshua to go into some cities and kill,man women and children,even all the animals,and Christians can't answer them,,they were the remnants of the Nephilim.The Book of Enoch even claims they monkeyed with the animals ,so this make all the sense in the world.

  4. Ddrum7 says:

    @CBALLEN Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your comments. The church is in a sad state currently, but I'm hopeful for a revival perhaps, or the rapture, though things will likely get a lot worse before we see either of those things occur 🙁

  5. Barbeeznet says:

    The problem is .. is that all the stories they put out in movies they do not put any giants in the stories so there fore seeing is believing to most also alot of the stories were put out by the Catholic church … in the book of Enoch he specifically talks about this and that the fallen also taught men how to mingle with the genetic g-nome this is where we come up with the mythical greek characters like satyr's etc cyclops was a giant Goliath was a giant and the fact of the matter is that God

  6. Barbeeznet says:

    Did not approve of this action of mixing the DNA and thus the flood and after ward the men/Israelites were like grasshoppers to them and that is why God wanted them to go and kill these men as well as tribes/nations who did abominations in the world like sacrificing children to Idols .. therefore God told them to go and wipe these people out, but people do not understand this b/c they do not read the WORD and are close minded. Saul was supposed to kill off a tribe and leave none alive but he

  7. Barbeeznet says:

    messed up and left the queen and took spoils which Samuel told him not to do so he fell out of favor There was alot of abominations in this particular tribe .. this is why they were to be slaughtered. God told Samuel to go and find the young boy who was called David who was to be annointed King Thus David killed the giant Goliath(Philistines)… later on you see that the seed of the queen lived and her son Hamen tried to kill the Israelites in the book of Esther. Esther saved her people.

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