repeat experiment or die in world war 3. tesla coil in water



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  1. @sasuschrist Are you saying that we should be rounded up and killed or that we will be rounded up and killed?

    Uh what evidence of theism? You must be new to the whole Christian vs Atheist thing here on youtube.

    I'll catch you up to speed. We won. Even the Christians on youtube admit that theres no evidence for their beliefs. Thats why the highest atheist on youtube has over 100k subs and the highest Christian has 27k.

  2. pokerslut530 says:

    Based on this nutcases replies to people I'd have to assume he's taken a few too many volts to what little of a brain he has.

    You truly do need to see psychiatric help. A simple google entry of your name is mind-blowing. I have never seen someone spread their insanity so far and wide across the web. (And I don't encourage others to check it out either, it's as big of a waste of time as this guy's whole life is).

    He truly, LITERALLY thinks he's god. A-fucking-mazing.

  3. very soon the DOMESTIC terrorists (look them up) will begin a slaughter campaign within America targeting the very scum you are and represent ATHEISTS very son now FOR you abusive heartless brain taught by scum and now are scum cannot understand all this time on net is to uncover very experiment before you fo4e energy crisis- all will make sense when Iran is truck for their oil as you think freedom and slaughter fest begins

  4. you will be

    look up domestic terrorists and understand what the ranks of unemployed and freedom fighters will do very soon

  5. Um no…america is not gonna collapse any time soon and the so called "unemployed freedom fighters" don't have beef with atheist, agnostics or free thinkers.

    If anything they'd have problems with established religion and the mockery of Christianity by our so called "Christian" politicians.

  6. pokerslut530 says:

    @plasmamessiah Did you read my message at all? Specificially this line:

    You truly do need to see psychiatric help.

    Read it slowly, out loud, to yourself. Call your local health department and tell them you're having serious bouts of delusional paranoia and would like to be psychologically evaluated.

    You need help man – from one human being to another. You've absolutely LOST it.

  7. if i could pay your minimun wage check you would do circles for me as you are the simple dog in obedience-there is no obvious dog food bisquit as there is no sign from god for you the atheists savege entity of scum YOU were made from the disgust of baby boom excess and your behaivor is well understood in the realm of spoiled brats YOU are a poker slut repent

  8. you are wonderful online doctor of stupidity however even retards survive and now as atheists play on net seriously man Repent

  9. pokerslut530 says:

    @plasmamessiah The simple dog in obidience is you. You were the one convinced a 2,000 year old desert fairy tale is ACTUALLY REALITY. How do you feel you have any room whatsoever to judge me in any respects whether it be morality, rationality, etc? You haven't shown a shred of either.

    YOU are lucky that this world is tolerant of religion. YOU are lucky that people like me don't run the show. Or YOU would find yourself in a padded room for the rest of your life.

  10. Atheism isn't a religion. So that would just mean that I'm a monkey. And as part of the infraorder Catarrhini, you are too.

  11. pokerslut530 says:

    @plasmamessiah Says the man who CLAIMS HE IS GOD. You're intellectually bankrupt and your whole sense of rationality is void and null.


  12. i never said i was god you scumbag atheists i said i am the messiah FIRST the house collapses for your silence then the speech comes

  13. pokerslut530 says:

    @plasmamessiah This is what really saddens me. If you're going to be a christian zealot, at least understand christianity. The messiah IS GOD. The messiah is JESUS and JESUS is the SON OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, I.E. THE TRINITY.

    You're just plain fucking stupid in every god damn respect. How is it that an atheist knows more about your religion than YOU DO? hah!

  14. fine I am the son of god whether satan or jesus you will soon find out

  15. pokerslut530 says:

    @plasmamessiah how soon? give me specifics, mr. messiah.

  16. justin76bmw says:

    religion bullshit aside .what the fuck does running a coil through watter achieve?,i have a 1.5million v coil. if i zap watter will it yield 2.5m, v? or is it just a giant HHO generator, like the 12v one i made for my car ? i guess I'm just missing the point of you're demonstration. the arcs under watter are cool. but really, please explain what is happening here.

  17. What exactly is the experiment demonstrating?
    How does it prove cold fusion?

  18. Masluxx says:

    this does nothing but make wasted electricity.

  19. Sasus Christ says:

    grandmother sandy,i remember

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