Reptilian Luciferian Reptoid Alpha Draconian Illuminati Anunnaki Illuminaki part 1 (1 of 3)


hello there this is my video mini documentary about the reptilian and how they have been among us for thousands of years. I made this video because i am sick …


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  1. shagbeme says:

    Your a fucking idiot guy. The reason why the world is declining.

  2. shagbeme says:

    I love knowing that there are people out there who are dumber than me.

  3. Truth of the matter is, people who are commenting negatively about this guy, are ok with the NSA spying on them. They are ok with illegal wars, torture and abortion.

  4. read Rebecca Brown's book "Me Came To Set The Captives Free" these are actually the depictions of demons

  5. Look up Alex Collier!

  6. Ross Moore says:

    1st thing you show is a bird.

  7. kre8noys says:

    Ok shape shifting giant 7 ft lizard who eat people and want complete control of our civilization? Come on man i do believe in alien and i do think we maybe visited by something advanced (we would do the same man) but this reptilian stuff is way off the charts.

    This is the kind of stuff that actually make people who actually research for other life forms outer space look like crackpots. God damn it xD

  8. koal snick says:

    its madness, its all over the place, whos up for creating an army and going for em lol

  9. oKuuma says:

    Yeah I was keywording "anunnaki truth" to get some real academic take on sumerian/akkadian writings but all you get is videos claiming the "truth" about something totally misinterpreted/mistranslated by anti-scholar Sitchin. I´m pissed of and will join your army, lol:D

  10. Tadow001 says:

    There's nothing new under the Sun..

  11. Tadow001 says:

    There's nothing new under the Sun..

  12. snakemont says:

    at second 29, why does the one look like an eagle…

  13. Akira Akira says:

    so you want hope…. well there's no hopes for you…. space men are not real…… If you believe in it you better believe it will come after you….. you want reptillians because you stolen there machinery their equipment and that's why this place is going to hell it's because T.V. is not good….. just enjoy life and enjoy your own food and drink…. enjoy nature…. the earth will crumble some day if we keep on using our metals that lies beneath us… do you still want this now…. I only enjoy  one computer and one video game…. And I chose the right one which one do you choose…. I am speaking to all…. evil videos games just mess you up… I found that out quickly… there must be a balance….I think the metals belong on the worlds it came from…. I guess I also learned I cannot change the way people think…. just choose your balance wisely…. now stop believing in space men, space men will not give you hope you will only get destroyed and so will they…. this is what what the A word means A little insignificant extraterrestrial Netherlander… it's the N. word to spacemen…. The L word is what brings lucifer back, so quit looking at the light you fools and quit going to space you fools… The L word is a N. word too… You do not want space men to rape you your whole life now do you…. then knock it off everyone…..

  14. FYI the core of our brains is reptilian

  15. Jay Lopez says:

    So your solution is to bomb our seas to weed out the reptilians that are inhabiting our planet let alone our solar system. So to bring light into this, I feel compelled to let you  that everything is energy. The laws of the universe exist to maintain balance. Freewill or free expression is such that any violation of freewill will be met with karma. 

    So I want to let you know and anyone else watching this video to not build in the space of fear or further the conflicts that we are already in. Such actions will only lead us to further destruction. 

    Instead we can build in the space of mutual respect, self responsibility and service to others. the question is 'What kind of a world you want to live in?' Imagine this world and call it forth. One of the laws of the universe is the law of intent and attraction. if most of us realize this, we will empower ourselves. in other words we will not attract these reptilians in our planet. because they are the grave manifestation of our fears. they would have to leave because they cant deal with the energies (frequencies) of love. 

    if we choose to not participate in this drama any longer and choose instead to have a vision of mutual respect, the changes that we will go though with genetics, environment and spiritually will blow your mind. we will attract the people, places and experiences that will vividly colour our imagination. 

    FYI: religion is created by these reptilians. so take care who you worship and give your power to. 

  16. its true reptilians do exist..they've been here for thousands of years, they came here in a flagship named Levan, we call it Moon… but it's the Draconian Ciakars who are actually in control of this planet and this solar system, they are the ones who created the Reptilian race millions of years ago……they started a revolution aeons ago in this galaxy against the Universal Laws and Universal Order….

  17. L ciano says:

    We will destroy them very very soon!

  18. ale collier don't know shit, this video don't know shit, and i don't like the fact of yous disrespecting the draconian and calling them monsters they are carnivores ok they are brought up in dominant ways and actually should be seen as equal or for systematic people as the kings, you can not judge a being based upon what it is for you have never lived there life and you wouldn't understand what they've gone through and by yous stating they got dumped here obviously don't know shit when you should realize if our dimension is like this then what is there's like when they can cross dimensional shift, they are the ones who gave you technology, they are the ones that evolved us to this point within a way and they are the ones that keep the balance have some respect for those who have provided your living as if it weren't for them humans wouldn't be as evolved as they are today, and for Lucifer IM YOUR FUCKING LUCIFER- THE RED DRAGON FROM BELIEF- HAVE A LUCID DREAM AND BITCH IT COWARD!!!!

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