Reptilians Humans and Illuminati History Part 1



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  1. Colin Booth says:

    Interesting video. Reptilians have alledgedly been controlling the earth for eons, and a large amount of them live 300ft under the ground feeding off human flesh…their preference is children, and it's still a mystery as to why thousands of children go missing in the US over a short space of time..are they kidnapped to feed this malevolent reptilian race who threaten to surface if they don't get what they want ? Not saying i belive it, just what I've researched!

  2. codensdad1 says:

    I believe this guy over what corporations like nasa, nsa, cia, and mi6 say everytime! But hey thats just me and i want the truth no fabricated bollocks 🙂

  3. wizarda7x says:

    I should finish reading Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey & Childhood End.

  4. John Echols says:

    "Biblical Proof" is an oxymoron. The Bible can prove nothing.

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