Researcher Finds Proof Of Area 51 Flying Saucers

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Terrence Aym

Intrepid researcher Scott C. Waring—author of UFO Sightings of 2006-2009 and Dragons of Asgard—followed in the sometimes circuitous footsteps of controversial UFO personality Bob Lazar and uncovered amazing proof of disc and V-shaped craft both airborne and hangared at the test base. Waring has obtained documented proof that alien-inspired, back engineered craft are being flown by the United States Air Force.

Scott Waring has found the best proof ever that USAF has ET technology

Bob Lazar: Alien craft are being reverse-engineered at S-4

Former Area-51 employee, Bob Lazar

Nevadan Bob Lazar came to fame by divulging alleged inner projects of the USAF’s infamous and top secret S-4 test site located within Area-51 at Groom Lake, Nevada.

Among other things, Lazar claimed he worked there after meeting withand being recommended by—world renown nuclear physicist, Dr. Edward Teller at the Los Alamos facility in New Mexico.

Dr. Edward Teller, known as the ‘father of the hydrogen bomb’

Lazar also claims that retrieved alien craft are housed there and teams of scientists and engineers are flown into Area-51 and S-4 daily by Janus Airlines (contracted to the USAF through Nellis AFB).

Area-51 workers boarding Janus at McCarran Airport, Las Vegas

Many specialists are assigned to cracking the mysteries of ET technology and reverse-engineering flight systems, propulsion motors, and alien electrical and materials sciences currently beyond Man’s current level of technology.

Lazar illustrating ET technology propulsion system

Schematic of Lazar’s ‘sport model’ ET ship at Area-51

Crack broadcast journalist George Knapp broke the story on Area-51 and brought Bob Lazar’s allegationsthat the USAF had flying saucers and had a project underway to reverse engineer alien technologiesto the public’s attention.

Award-winning broadcast joutnalist, George Knapp

Scott Waring’s discoveries at Groom Lake Screen shots

Using Google Earth, Waring zoomed in on one of the most secret places on Earth—an advanced USAF test facility linked to Nellis AFB that the Air Force denies even exists.

Meticulously searching the main base, tinier dry lakebeds, and nearby mountain ranges, Waring found three undeniable advanced technology craft of the type that Bob Lazar might argue as strong evidence of reverse-engineered alien technology:

1. A large disc craft partially hangared at the main facility;

2. An airborne disc craft undergoing a flight test and casting an unmistakable shadow upon the desert floor beneath it;

3. And near one of the mountain ranges a classic “V-craft” often witnessed at night by observers who believe they’ve seen a UFO. The V-craft is easily visible and casting a large diamond-shaped shadow on the desert terrain.

Partly obscured by shadow, large disc craft partially hangared

Smaller disc craft like Lazar’s ‘sport model’ flying over desert at S-4

S-4 flight test of V-craft seen all over the world and reported as UFO

The video that shuts up debunkers

Video starts with zoom-in on disc at hangar

CLICK HERE: Watch entire video proving USAF has reverse-engineered ET technology!

Video captures stunning evidence of flying saucer

CLICK HERE: Watch entire video proving USAF has reverse-engineered ET technology!

Amazing shot of advanced, top-secret V-craft skimming over desert


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