Revised – Arrivals part 25 and 26 ( the Antichrist / Dajjal is here )


In the Arrivals 25 and 26 ( the Antichrist / Dajjal is here ) ; information on Dajjal inaccurate and misleading . The Prophet said, ” No prophet was sent …


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  1. sorry my video depressed you but thats reality. Pls take the take and research about the beliefs of the shia. for one thing, did you know that the shia believe that the quran is not complete. according to them, the complete quran will come with the Mahdi. You call this Islam? how am I spreading hatred?
    I bet that if you heard from a jew or christian that our Quran is incomplete; you would not stay quite. or would you?

  2. jazak Allah khair for your "postive" comment. InshAllah I will do so in my future videos. our Prophet did teach us to be respectful and kind to everyone including non-believers. But he also taught us that if they insult us and attack our creed, to stand up and confront them. Just like prophet Moses stood up against the pharoah and like prophet Jesus stood up to the Pharisees.

  3. here you are all concerned about the unity of the ummah and not to cause fitna, etc… how about you practice what you preach? You know the prophet was sent to perfect good character? pls debate with respect and dont act childish, otherwise I will stop responding to you.
    I will direct you to some websites about the shia; pls take the initiative to do your own research as well. you will find plentiful videos on youtube and articles on the net.

  4. I have not asked you anything actually. I was just telling you that we are taught to respect everyone, but at the same time to respond if our creed is attacked. That's all I said. I am glad that you are representing Islam and defending the Quran, may Allah bless you!!

    You dont know me, or know what I do! it would be wiser not to make false assumptions.

  5. seems I cannot post any weblinks.
    check you private inbox

  6. I appreciate the time you took to write your comments. I will do further research into the matter. However when I mentioned about the quran, this was jsut one of the examples how the shia deviated for the true teachings of Islam. There are plentiful resources on this online.
    I was not trying to create hatered or cause fitna in the ummah. however these are important issues that muslims should know.

  7. The practise of Taqiyyah allowed the Shia cult to spread and grow. According to one Shia scholar: Shiism would not have spread if it wasnt for Taqiyyah. (Tarikhush Shiah by Muhammad Husain Jafari Sahiwal, p.230)

    Taqiyyah means speaking contrary to ones inner beliefs.

  8. The Tafseer e Farman Ali is relied upon heavily by the Shia. It is a translation of the Quran along with commentary by Farman Ali. The book is used by Answering-Ansa, and hence there should be no question about its authenticity in the eyes of the Shia. In his Tafseer Verse 33:33 and Verse 11:73 are tampered b ythe sahabah.

  9. 1.) Not Completed.
    2.) Has 17,000 Aayats.
    3.) Our's has 6,666.
    4.) Abu Bakr's opposed the text of the Quraan.
    5.) Original Quraan with 12th Imaam Mahdi.
    6.) Do not produce Haafiz.
    (1.) Usul Kafi 1:228/ Faslul Kitaab fi Tahrif. Kitaabi Raabul Arbaa of Nuri Tibarsi approved by Khomeni in ' Al- Hukumaat -ul- Islamiyaa". (2.) Usul Kafi P671. (3.) Usul Kafi P671. (4.) Kashful Asraar P111.(5.) Usul Kafi 2-632. (6.) See Iran.

  10. 7.) Do not perform Taraweeh.
    8.) Quraan will be read/ learnt when 12th Imaam brings it.
    9.) Ali (R.A) showd original Quraan to Sahabah(R.A) who rejected it.
    10.) Passages mentioning virtures of Ali(R.A) has been purposefully deleted from the Quraan.
    11.) There are 2,000 shiah traditions making many additions and subtractions in Quraan.
    12.) The 'Murtaddeen'- renegrades have removed the name of Ali (R.A).

  11. 7.) See Iran. (8.) Usul Kafi – p622. (9.) Maqbool – 1067 – Usul Kafi Vol1 P228. (10.)Tafseer Ali Qummi-308 /Usul Kafi 1:416/Footnotes of Maqbool's translation 637/ Al- Ihtijaj- Tabarsi- 1-254/ Tafseer of Saafi- 1- 32/ Muqaddamah 6 , from Tafseer Saafi P32 Vol -1. (11.) Usul Kafi 1:228/ Faslul Kitaab fi Tahrif. Kitaabi Raabul Arbaa of Nuri Tabarsi.(12.) Surah Muhammad, Ayat 9, Para 26- Molvi Maqbool Dehli P1011.

  12. Yip Man says:

    U r righht all d muslims should unite as 1, 1 nation of Islam.

  13. RPM11111 says:

    What a lot of nonsense.

  14. uvwxjz says:

    @ytcaptiveminds 12 th imaam bringst it?? what does he bring? your brain which are washed away? stop talking nonsense here friend!!you sound like a hypocrite !! like a kafir!!! lika a munafik!!

  15. Nasira777 says:

    We are dealing here with religious symbolism,cause you can not take these discriptions literaly,but they have to be interpreted.The arrivals do say dajjal is a person but explains us also the system of dajjal,namely how his forerunners pave way for his arrival.The dajjal is an internal monster,but from the outside he will look most charismatic and he will speak with adequate tongue,the imposter and master deciever,many will fall for since they look with their eyes and listen with their ears only

  16. kbg12ila says:

    does anyone think about black magic eg Darren brown in uk and David Blaine in America
    they say the dajjal will come to uk then us and both black magicians initials are db

  17. Lee abz says:

    WOW sooo many blind muslims ! you can't even see the illuminati is sponsored by HAMAS ! and plus the antichrist of the Bible is the MAHDI AND ISA !!! and the dijjal will be the true Jesus Christ !!!! he will have one eye, he will be crippled because he was TORTURED AND CRUCIFIED !!!!! WAKE UP !

  18. RPM11111 says:

    quite what?

  19. SLRengines says:

    for the calculations, i think the arrivals are right cuz from thier number, IT DOES MATCH years where crises happened like how long britain ruled or the year 2000 when bush became president so it does make sense and also the arrivals mentioned that the Dajjal is consiousness ANDD AND AGAIN it mentioned and A HUMAN PHYSICALLY, so i still agree with the arrivals but if im wrong, then may Allah (swt) forgive me and all muslims

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