RIAT 2016 – A taste of Thursday’s arrivals and action


The second day of arrivals at RIAT 2016 with a wide range of arrivals plus fast jet rehearsals and validation demonstrations before the three main airshow days …


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  1. Very good job matey!

  2. John Cole says:

    best video of RIAT 2016 iv seen so far! Brilliant

  3. David Selby says:

    Brilliant, have a great time.

  4. Matt Cooper says:

    Ramex Delta. Wow… Just wow

  5. Marco Santos says:

    The Mirage 2000 is fantastic.

  6. FalkeEins says:

    very nice Nige. I was there Weds through Friday. Brilliant!. Your coverage is easily as good as that of the 'big boys'

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