Richard Dawkins sorta BUSTED BAD in this video


Richard Dawkins & Evil Lucion: WATCH FULL JURASSIC NOW A science …


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  1. Ben Wright says:

    "The evidence was destroyed."
    Isn't it incredibly convenient and biased to say that the lack of evidence for something is evidence that the evidence was destroyed.
    'Of course there's no evidence for the idea – the fact that there is no evidence is itself evidence that nobody wants you to know the truth.'
    A perfect tool of self deception.

  2. ophirdog says:

    There seems to be a problem with the footprint at 21:42. A foot would have left a depression in the ground, not a raised mold as it appears in the picture. It is also somewhat of a strange shape with the big toe pointing in an odd direction. And considering all the footprints at Paluxy are very weathered, why is this one in such perfect condition?

  3. David Foster says:

    love your videos Trey

  4. God bless u bro. Keep the good work up

  5. scramkitten says:

    Drink some water. U keep smacking ur mouth and it's disgusting. I couldn't finish the video

  6. Religion is rule by fear.   It is NOT about ''''love'''' at all.   Just scan the internet for the massage from religion.     Misinformation and fear is 99.99999999999999% of the propaganda.     Religions message is control by fear and lies (misinformation).   Religious people CLAIM,  that they are attracted to religion by ''love'' which is a total cover story for them living their entire lives in religiously induced  FEAR AN TERROR  of just about anything and everything around them.  The religious have had their courage and rational faculties removed from them in their childhood by consistent THREATS OF TORTURE by the religion that they grew up in, and the fear religious fear message was often delivered to them by their very own parents.       Religion suggests that we fear the following –     each other,  other religions, science, rational thinking,  academics, artists,  singers, modern medicine,  vaccines and hospitals,  N.A.S.A,  spherical Earth,  research,  Universities,  rule of law,  the tax system, elected governments,  modern education,  Evolution and Gravity,  space travel,  weather satellites,  our own countrymen,  people from other countries,  the United Nations, women,  gays,  the Judicial system,  and their favorite make believe ''boogymen'', the Illuminati,  the Freemasons and the N.W.O. ( whatever the hell that means in the religiously fevered mind).        Oh and let's not forget the '' all loving god that SUPPOSEDLY/ALLEGEDLY has a torture chamber in his basement for misguided grandmothers and children !     Religion is a sick and destructive worldview based upon addiction to fear, low self-esteem and emotional hysteria.  Oh and we all just HAVE to laugh when the '''''Signs of the End Times''''' videos are followed by the updated date 1100, sorry 1200 sorry 1300 sorry 1400 sorry 1500 sorry 1600 sorry 1700 sorry 1800 sorry 1900 sorry 1950 sorry 1960 sorry 1970 sorry 1980 sorry 1990 sorry 2000 sorry 2012 sorry 2013 sorry 2014 sorry 2015 sorry 2016 sorry, but tomorrow, DEFINATELY tomorrow FOR SURE GARANTEED, no mistake this time  !!!!!!!!!!!!         Religion is a disease of fear in human society, and the sooner we send it to the scrapheap of history, the sooner humanity will become a healthier (and safer) society for you, and those that you hold dear.

  7. TxI Jamby says:

    who else thinks he has the joker pauses

  8. TxI Jamby says:

    who else think he sounds like the joker

  9. You speak through your hands, facial expressions/directions, word selection, vocabulary selection. Could it be that there are multiple messages being conveyed here? Or is it just an elaborate method of drawing in the audience?

    You claimed to have stolen a safe from a preacher.. if this is true, perhaps you envisioned yourself being Robin Hood.

    (Individual creates intricate, seductive ploy that appeals to a modern audience, followers get fixated on propaganda, the leader asks for funding, gets wealthy and prospers.)

    Could it be, Trey Smith, that you are reflecting the very image you seemed to be so entirely against? What with your YouTube channel and subscribers? Have you accumulated a hefty amount of money? Might I say, sir, if this be case, to display unto an audience a particular character and declare it to be "disagreeable", then to turn around and portray that very character and accumulate wealth, almost as if putting on an invisible suit of hypocrisy, or as if Batman were to become the Joker. Interesting and amusing.

    Aside from that perspective, I find your methods of communication to be fascinating. To decrypt what many messages seem to be hidden in your videos is quite the challenge. You show potential to create or understand a language that conveys many messages, simultaneously. What a glorious level of multitasking, only true professionals function at such a level.

    Thank you for your uploads, we await the next one. Kind regards, – AR

  10. Evolved Ape says:

    Are you on drugs? You look and talk like you are on drugs…

  11. excellent video sir, but the background music was too loud, i was straining my ears to hear the real substance of the presentation

  12. God's Oracle says:

    Can't trust Dawkins, look at that monster, a text book example of a satanist, a pedo !

  13. Kk Westbury says:

    thank you for your work

  14. I like when Dawkins stumbles in his dumb excuses, and stutters when he gets nervous, proof would destroy his career

  15. gioknows says:

    That was awesome.

  16. What absolute fabricated rubbish.
    Carl Baugh is yet another lying creationist who has fake doctorates.
    These footprints were debunked 20 years ago.
    Trey Smith you are a conspiracy theory idiot.
    I will not be visiting your shit site again.

  17. Darwins degree is irrelevant.
    His true interest was in naturalism.
    He had been collecting and studying insects and marine invertebrates since a child.
    You are nothing but a conspiracy theorist idiot.

  18. Basti Nuñez says:

    you can tell very well this man is not that bright. not even close

  19. David D says:

    If you look at what Nimrod did its very similar to Darwinism.

    The reason so many flood accounts blame GOD for the flood? Is because Nimrod did.
    Nimrod worked to convince the nations that GOD was the enemy and had killed their forefathers. thats why you have hundreds of creation stories that out right blame God
    for killing humans and of those many have a 2nd god claiming to be the god who really
    saved the 8 (or how many the given account has)

  20. David D says:

    Ya its interesting Dawkins criticizes archaic ideas and wishful imaginations.
    Basically reveals himself to be a hypocrite who isnt smart enough to turn his own convictions on himself. That would denote a sociopath.

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