Rimworld Alpha 14 •The Transcendent• – Episode 11 ► Cabin Fever! (1440p)


Rimworld Alpha 14 Gameplay ▻ Episode 11 – So the team is now stuck indoors, at least until the toxic cloud passes by. This does, however grant us the …


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  1. This is fallout 5 but this time you all survive.

  2. Simple Brian says:

    This channel is like the game salmon XD

  3. Daemonworks says:

    While I'm sure Deluks knows this, for the sake of accuracy, it's not that you /can't/ get the 99% difficulty ones… it's just that you're likely to be feeding them a long time before the RNG breaks your way.

  4. Corpse cave + Molotov = Easy disposal.

  5. Another important thing that you seem to either don't know or ignore is the beds. You currently have awful quality beds which doesn't help at all the moods of the colonists. Have them craft new ones, use stone for higher beauty factor and don't use anything lower then normal quality for the comfortability buff. Also place a chair in front of your workbenchs so they can be comfortable while working and if u have 0.8 or higher, they have a nice mood buff for it.

  6. since wolverine is a masochist you should make him happy by executing him

  7. bluewind5555 says:

    Hiya Deluks. The reason why you only have two of the 4 rooms.
    #1. Room 1 (top) has the rooms set for mining but the entrance has not been set for mining. It's still marked for planning. You need to mark the entrance for mining.
    #2. Room 4 (bottom) has the entrance of the room mined out and ready fro a door, But the room itself is marked only for planning. You forgot to set it for mining.

    LOL. There was no possible worst place for you to place Halle Fear's Bed initially. While Korumi was working on the stonecutting, Halle was disturbed about 8 times at least. And since the place was un-roofed, she was sleeping outside, in the cold, under toxic fall out, with continuous sleep disturbance. At least if she was sleeping outside or on a bed inside the roofed tunnel, she would have slept in peace. Heh. If the colonist could leave you feedback or write letters of complaint directly to you.. I would love to read it. =D

  8. Nitemaster says:

    Just saying if you make a room and put a sun lamp in it you can farm in it, though it has a great need for energy.

  9. adamMGR says:

    hi i know you you are my friends friend salonwheels

  10. Toxic buildup can do more than just make them pass out.. if it gets to serious theres a chance they can develop permanent penalties that can never be reversed.

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