Rimworld Alpha 14 •The Transcendent• – Episode 5 ► Cassandra is a Bully! (1440p)


Rimworld Alpha 14 Gameplay ▻ Episode 5 – We’ve made the decision to move, so now, all we need to do is to cut our way through the mountains over to the …


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  1. bluewind5555 says:

    Near your traps, drop a dumping stockpile for stone chunks. When full of stone chunks (3 layers or more), it may cause the raiders to avoid the dumping stockpile and walk over the traps instead. And if they don't go over the traps, they'll be slowed down enormously when they walk over the stone chunks. You can take you time to do a couple of potshots before kiting them again. =)

  2. bluewind5555 says:

    For the colonists that are in capable of violence, you can use them to bait and kite. Also, I'm curious how they will react to enemies if you change their response from hostiles from "FLEE" (the running icon when you have them selected) to "ATTACK".

  3. enemies are set to remember traps they have encountered before if someone manages to escape so the reason they will not go towards the bottom is because they know there are traps there.

  4. Justin Nhiep says:

    Make more stonehearth videos please :)

  5. Erattic8 says:

    Hey can you use my username to name someone

  6. Wow… hauling them and THEN stripping them… genius….

  7. Daemonworks says:

    ♪♫ Bionic eyes, they're watching you, they see your every move ♫♪

  8. PeDeR says:

    Deluks please come back to terratech! That Would be awesome.

  9. blockrock44 says:

    Maybe your guys should be good talkers too, so they can better recruit people. Like, they are planning to get off the world before it gets wrecked, so I would think other people would also share that goal. Just a thought anyways.

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