Riots, looting, gunfire and chaos near Ferguson, Missouri

truther August 11, 2014 2

What started as a peaceful prayer vigil Saturday evening to remember a young man gunned down by police, has escalated into full scale riots and looting in Ferguson, Missouri.

Angry mobs have smashed windows, set fires and looted businesses as a massive showing of police, some wearing riot gear have moved into the area along West Florissant just south of 270.

Riots, looting, gunfire and chaos near Ferguson, Missouri

Police are also responding to reports of shootings throughout the area. At one point, windows of a News 4 live truck were smashed out by the angry crowd.

Raw Video: Exclusive interview with witness of looting in Ferguson

There are reports that police have dispersed the crowd in Ferguson, but the mobs have moved into some neighboring communities.

News video and amateur video from the scene have captured mobs of crowds racing into stores and businesses and then rushing out with armloads of stolen goods.

Tear gas has reportedly been used by police in some areas.

Two groups of protesters gathered around 8:00 Sunday night in Ferguson to bring awareness to the death of Michael Brown, 18, who was shot and killed by police Saturday.

At least fifteen area police agencies have been called to Ferguson.  Police set up a staging area at West Florissant and Ferguson Road.  Police are also staging at the Plaza at the Boulevard parking lot, where officers are seen putting on riot gear.  Dozens of police vehicles are on scene, from all over St. Louis County, including Chesterfield, Country Club Hills and the Missouri Highway Patrol.

VIDEO: Looting of Ferguson QuickTrip caught on camera

News 4 reporters on the scene in Ferguson have heard multiple gunshots throughout the evening.  There are no reports of injuries.

News 4 viewers on the scene say several markets, gas stations and other businesses have been looted.  One witness told News 4 a group of people attempted to steal an ATM from a gas station.

Police equipped with riot gear are being dispatched to the scene.


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  1. Stan Sikorski August 12, 2014 at 3:25 am - Reply

    Just nigs being nigs. Nothing ever changes with them. You can dress them up in man-pants but the jungle is still only one chimp-out away. Lock and load.

  2. David August 12, 2014 at 2:23 am - Reply

    So what does looting and mayhem have to do with protesting the boy’s death? Was the peaceful prayer vigil merely saying grace before the main event?

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