RIP: Obama Puts ‘Final Nail’ In US Coffin


 “We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in.”

Having lived through the many frightful decades of a Cold War that was born in the aftermath of World War II that saw tens-of-millions die for ideologies they could barely name, let alone know the cause and history of, the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 brought great relief to many, but for those of us who knew the truth the greatest nightmare of our lives was about to be realized.

Our nightmare fears were born in the knowing that unrestrained power has but one path, and one path only to walk…Tyranny!

Where many had believed, or in truth were told by propaganda mavens, that the collapse of the Soviet Union and the leaving of the United States as the sole superpower on earth would lead to an unprecedented era of human freedom and enlightenment, the lessons of the Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Persian, Napoleonic, German, Japanese, and too many other “empires” to mention, were lost but for a few of us who knew what was going to happen next.

Our knowing of what was to occur during the next 30 years from 1991 was not because of any supernatural ability, far from it!  Rather, our ability to know what was going to happen, and why it was going to happen, was based on the most mundane of acts…learning from history so as not to see it repeated.

The methods we employed to learn were time measured in the centuries not favoring any particular movement, or fad, of history, but were, instead, rooted in learning everything about what had happened before, even from sources deemed “unacceptable” by the powers that be.

Only by our strict adherence to this type of disciplined research and analysis could we begin to see the “threads” that have woven this matrix we call life and begin to understand in its full totality where we were, where we are now, and where we are headed.

To where we are now headed leaves us with no surprises because all we have had to do is note those exact turning points in the past that allow us to document what is going to happen in the future.  This isn’t magic, nor is it based on myths or legends, but, rather, it is knowing the commonalities of human history and then applying them to current events.

And yesterday, unbeknownst to the masses of the American people, one of these “turning points” occurred when President Obama signed away for the first time in American history his citizen’s freedoms in a charade so treasonous that their nations Founding Fathers, should they be alive today, would unite in rebellion and take up arms to defend themselves.  This is not a statement based on fantasy, but rather fact as that is exactly what they did 236 years ago in 1776 when another “absolute ruler” tried to control they very air they breathed.

The specific treasonous act Obama committed against the citizens of the United States was his signing of an “executive agreement” enacting a treaty titled The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement that forevermore puts them under despotic laws meant to censor anyone who dares speak the truth.

The “charade” in Obama’s usurping the law that says only the US Senate can ratify a treaty, not a President, comes from the complicity of the propaganda US media who praised him just a week ago for opposing what is called the SOPA Internet Bill, but which, in fact, was only used as a “cover” for his signing of the “executive agreement” enacting the more draconian treaty Americans are living under now.

By Obama now claiming that by “executive agreement” he as President he can ratify any treaty he so desires should send shivers down the spines of every America as the next one he is about to enact is a UN treaty that calls for the American people to begin giving up their guns to the government.

To those refusing to believe who Obama really is, his actions since taking office should leave no doubt, and include: 1.) His claiming of the right to assassinate any American citizen he so chooses without charges or trial; 2.) His claiming of the right to put any American citizen in military prison without charges or trial; 3.) His claiming of the right to appoint to government anyone he chooses bypassing the Constitution; 4.) His unprecedented crackdown on any government employee found leaking to the press; 5.) His claiming of the right to start any war he chooses, again, bypassing the Constitution; 6.) His consolidating of all local police forces in the United States under Federal government control; and 7.) His claiming of the power to strip away the citizenship of any American citizen he so chooses.

So frightening has Obama become that Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin yesterday accused America of wanting to “control everything in the world” and warned them he wouldn’t tolerate their interference in his countries upcoming elections.

Now at this point it is vital for you to understand that Obama is not an enemy of the American people, he is just a “tool” being wielded by those forces and powerful money backers that put him into office in the first place. And to understand why the University of California and the global banking giant Goldman Sachs were his two top campaign donors is to know virtually everything about him.

Failed to be understood by many about the tyrannical new government system being established in the United States is that its power was never intended to be for Obama’s use, but, instead, has been designed for who is going to rule next.

For anyone to believe that the American people, or press, especially those on the left, would have ever allowed George W. Bush to destroy the Constitution like Obama has done (though in all fairness Bush did begin the process as he was nothing more than a “tool” too) and create an Imperial President with unlimited power they fail to understand the most important lesson of history…Dictators never seize power…they are always elected!

And dictators can’t become tyrannical rulers unless the laws that allow them to take power have already been put into place…like was done in Roman times, prior to Napoleon taking power in France, prior to the founding of the Communist Soviet Union, and Fascist Italy, and Nazi Germany, and the Japanese Empire, and now the United States.

To who will be the next American leader to wield this despotic power is a chapter yet to be written, but which has already begun.  And to know about this person, why they were put into power, and what is the main goal for it being done, doesn’t take psychic powers or a crystal ball, it only takes knowing what to look for through the pages of history as what is happening now has happened before, but this time will be the most destructive.

This is what we do, have always done, and as soon as we know the truth we have always told those who seek the greater knowledge over that which is most popular to believe.

Our stance in always alerting those seeking the truth to know about what is soon to come is now in more danger than at any other time in modern history, especially in what was once called the “free world,” after Stanford University scholar Evgeny Morozov called on Google and other search engines to become thought crime enforcers, by providing warnings about websites that contain “conspiracy theories.” And by “conspiracy theory” this Obama regime supporter means anyone who dares speak the truth about what is really happening, and who is behind it all.

As in all totalitarian states ruled by force the value of knowing the truth is incalculable, just ask those who lived under the Soviet and Nazi regimes to know the truth of that!

Now it is Americas turn to show how it is going to respond….will its people unite around those like us seeking to keep the truth flowing?  Or…will its people cower in fear believing all of the propaganda spoon fed to them like groveling starving children?

The answers to those questions lie inside of each and every one of you…are you prepared to make a stand and refuse to go willing into the night when knock on your door comes?  Or, will you defend to your last breath the freedom you inherited as gift from God?

If your answer is for freedom than I ask you now to support us in our efforts to keep the truth flowing.  Though you aren’t on the front lines in this war, yet, our survival does indeed depend on you!

We survive daily battling on your behalf against an enemy so powerful, evil and rich that only those, like us, who work without fear can abide the continues assaults made against us.

Your failure to help us, or those few remaining groups like us, is exactly what our common enemy wants you to do…after all, they believe, you are nothing more than a slave to them anyway.

This week Obama put the “final nail” in the coffin for freedom, but it isn’t buried in the ground…YET!  Only by your refusal to accept what is going on will anything change…help us now, TODAY, to keep this from happening….your forefathers did…why won’t you?


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  1. phil says:

    the alluminati, and free masons……..the eye on the dollar bill

  2. TMI says:

    My buddy Lumberjack did the artwork.

  3. Link says:

    obama is GAY!

  4. Douglas Swaringen says:

    The end of the snakes behind all this evil IS WRITTEN ! ! ! Obadiah 1:18 speaks of them (The house of Esau) and We the People (The house of Jacob and Joseph)

  5. NOZ CAVAN says:


    • Learner says:

      @NOZ CAVAN
      What do you mean by:
      This is really shocking if it happened. Guess what…This gives us a glimpse of the Pr. Kennedy’s speech telling us about the secret cults and their secret rituals.
      But can you put some light on it further ?

    • Douglas Swaringen says:

      O’bama was NOT elected. He was PUT in there by the snakes behind the FED, IMF, UN and Babylon (USA Inc.) He IS IMO the stern faced king from Daniel 8. Verse 25 tells us he WILL be taken out by God’s Power NOT man.

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