Rise Against – Hero Of War


Music video by Rise Against performing Hero Of War. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 1972407. (C) 2009 DGC Records.


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  1. Dor Hakim says:

    in war there are no winners, there are only losers…

  2. Jack Weir says:

    war has no hero's, no villains, only humans.
    some men bury their friends, some are buried, some rot in a cell, some are heckled for the destruction, some are hailed for the destruction they prevented, some walk with pride for their country, some walk with shame for what they did in the name of their country, but all are human, all have homes, families, and a life they protected, all deserved a chance to live, but many were buried. war is a bitter fact of life not, something to look upon with pride. war is what makes us human, and is what destroy our humanity.

  3. I'm an Iraqi war vet and I come back to this video at least once a year. I cry my eyes out every time. I need to stop doing this to myself. At least they seem to understand what we have been going through. Thank you Rise Against.

  4. From reading the comments, I hope you people who never sacrificed anything for your country or society realize, this isn't an anti war song. It's trying to make you realize that there are normal people who would put their lives and mental health on the line, so the government doesn't draft you and put you into this kind of mental hell that I have been through. Iraq 2007-2008 Petty Officer 2nd Class US Navy Seabees Convoy Security Gunner.

  5. Marblox5 says:

    why whould some one dislike this… ?

  6. JADE HELM 15 is live and Agenda 21 in full force! Go to Thomas A Sutor at Face Book to do research…. Buddah~

  7. VeluThe Hero says:

    Nobody Wins a War. Everybody lost something.

  8. This song has to be my favorite.

  9. I think he killed his partner in the end of the video

  10. I love songs that tell a story rather than sing the same catchy verses over again

  11. I just had many flashbacks from Cosplaycon from watching this video.
    All the blood shed….

  12. Tina Frosch says:

    i have to cry, if i hear this, because it's reality in other parts of the world…

  13. WeeAdamski says:

    This Is my favourite song of all time. Get chills every time i hear it.

  14. gubors says:

    I kicked in the door
    I yelled my commands
    The children, they cried
    But I got my man
    We took him away
    A bag over his face
    From his family and his friends

  15. stevenreyop says:

    Did he murder his wife/girlfriend at the end?

  16. pass dtedr says:

    Beautiful song

  17. Paul Blue says:

    Fuck war n make Love

  18. Bob Carlson says:

    One of the greatest war songs ever.

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