Rise of a New World Order [PART III] – Depopulation & Agenda 21


New Globe Purchase: a conspiracy by the richest and most impressive individuals on the Earth, which control the governing administration/corporatracy and the Major Banks (collectively recognised as “the Tremendous Entity”) to seize worldwide control as the elite ruling class.

Commencing with nine/11, the powers that be orchestrated a horrific terrorist assault which delivered the justification to declare war, move the patriot act, and develop the survelliance point out.

Then, the surplus war substance flows to domestic law enforcement so as to quell rebel and dissent as the Tremendous Entity collapses the environment economic climate and redeploys financial sources from the individuals to alone by way of massive bailouts that our leaders passed against the people’s wishes. This bankrupts whole communities, steals their personal savings, and forces the populace to emphasis on their upcoming meal or acquiring their upcoming job, rather of the tyranny unfolding all around them. As the housing market is consumed by the Tremendous Entity, the Major Banks now flip from shelter to the other necessities of lifestyle – foods and water.

This sets the phase for the closing stage of the rise of the new environment order – the worldwide depopulation of the world’s citizenry by a massive, coordinated, and complete spectrum marketing campaign of poisioning our air, water, foods, and bodies by way of vaccines, GMO laden foods, chemtrails, and flouride in our water.

Will humanity fight for freedom? A new environment order rises, but will it be Theirs – or Ours…

“We are as a individuals, inherently and historically, opposed to key societies, key oaths, and key proceedings. For we are opposed around the environment by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that depends largely on covet indicates to extend its sphere of influence – on infiltration rather of invasion, on subversion rather of elections, on intimidation rather of free selection. It is a process that has conscripted broad human and substance sources into the setting up of a tightly knit and extremely successful equipment that combines navy, diplomatic, intelligece, economic, scientific, and political operations…” – John F. Kennedy


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