Robin Williams Last Interview Before Suicide


Beloved actor Robin Williams was found dead on Monday, police reported.

He was 63.

The apparent cause of death was suicide by asphyxiation, authorities said. According to his publicist, Williams had been battling severe depression.

Williams was best known for his starring roles in classic comedies like Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Morning, Vietnam and Jumanji, but also in dramas like Dead Poets Society. He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Dr. Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting. He rose to fame while playing Mork the alien in the TV show Mork & Mindy, a Happy Days spinoff.

Most recently, Williams had starred in the new CBS sitcom ‘The Crazy Ones.’ It was cancelled after just one season. At his time of death, a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire was in the works.

Susan Schneider, the actor’s wife, released the following statement to the New York Times’ Dave Itzkoff:

“This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. I am utterly heartbroken. On behalf of Robin’s family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered, it is our hope that the focus will not be on Robin’s death but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.”


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  1. samlexco says:


  2. I wish I could have fixed his pain. he needed out of Hollywood an find joy in other ways. lots of love too. to much pressure for one person.

  3. Brian M says:

    I think Robin understood the disease that humanity is suffering from. All people who love to make people laugh I think understand this. I think what made Robin so depressed, so much so that he despaired of even helping to "turn it around", was the fact that whatever he did, it couldn't really cure this disease that we have, all of us have. It's a disease of the soul, and i'm not talking about any religious clap trap. I'm talking about us being so self-centered. so self-absorbed that we don't react in horror at some of the atrocities that we commit against one another. THAT disease. He was soul-sick because he knew could only help those who were willing to "see". The ones who REALLY needed his help, his ability to bring joy and laughter, and leave that spark inside us, like it was left in Ethan Hawke, they didn't, couldn't, or worse WOULDN'T listen.

  4. If I had the power to bring a celebrity back from the dead, it would be this guy??

  5. Amy Zirkle says:

    So sad he suffered from Lewy Bodies.

  6. A force of nature who's spirit had gone……a great great man.

  7. Docktor Jim says:

    If you think about suicide a lot, does that mean you're bye curious?

  8. Clyde Barrow says:

    You idiots. He was gravely ill and didnt want to live that way. Fuck your stupid ass comments.

  9. daveyork0 says:

    Looks like Pope John Paul II. Has to be Polish

  10. Fick Thuck says:

    Suicide? He did the Brits a few days ago. How sad.

  11. i'm only 28 and dealing with suicide thoughts. due to health issues and weakened immune system. and the health care is so bad in so cal where i live now, that it feels like the doctors are trying to push you off a cliff rather than help you. i can't imagine how it would be when i am actually old and need legit help.

  12. natagaima says:

    The disease he had was terrible, I don't blame him, nobody should. He was great.

  13. The sadness in him when he was on Louie too

  14. This guy was my hero growing up. Still cant believe hes gone.

  15. Disney65Fan says:

    WOW he got very shook. RIP to one of the greatest comedians of all time.

  16. That feeling of having to present to people, to maintain conversation when you physically can't – being suicidal can be very manic, you can be very up and robust and not care about anything, but you reach a point of tired quietness, where your mind and body calm as you near closer to a climax – that being attempting suicide or seeking help.

    I've done both, and existing becomes a task for others and no longer yourself. Sometimes, even with medication and all the help you can get, we are just programmed against ourselves.

    I am extremely sorrowful of his passing, he was the only celebrity I felt a warmth towards, as if he were a father figure or something

  17. pdiprimo says:

    I cried inside watching this.

  18. I'm so sorry you were in pain. I miss you much. Sad rest easy my guy much love

  19. Scott F. says:

    What role was Robin discussing here? Someone from WWII I believe. I looked at IMDB trying to find a role, but the closest I got was his playing Teddy Roosevelt in Night at the Museum III

    Found it…He portrayed Dwight Eisenhower in Lee Daniels The Butler.

  20. javier q says:

    You can see his lost sight (the eyes never lie)


  22. Linda Ch says:

    It makes me so sad to see this interview.
    You can clearly see the pain inside him, and that he was slowly dying inside…

  23. BILL LEYLAND says:

    I loved Robins soul. He did right by getting out when he did.

  24. Lewis Martin says:

    I think that we're not used to see him as a normal person here in this video and not the clown he projected all his life as a mask to hide his real feelings to the public. Here, the video shows him as himself for once in his life, he doesn't wear his usual mask. This is the real Robin Williams as we should know that all clowns are crying on the inside. Robin here isn't hiding his feelings for once. My opinion, this is the real thing baby!

  25. kid krusher says:

    Knowing what happened after this interview, he sounds worn down…

  26. Kurd 1985 says:

    True star in heaven ???????

  27. he looks ill! ;( RIP </3

  28. Who is cutting onions?

  29. BizMarkie91 says:

    Without him here, a big important piece of us as a whole is missing. Nobody is more pure and beautiful inside and out as Robin Williams was to us. His voice was soothing and heard throughout all of our childhoods. Gone, but never ever will be forgotton. 2 years now and it still hurts when seeing him on tv in one of his classic roles.

  30. Edith Ann says:

    Remember, he wasn't just depressed. He had rapidly progressive levy body dementia. They had dx him with Parkinson's but it was this particularly cruel rapid onset dementia that affects your movements too. Look how still he is. I get why he did what he did. He couldn't live with it. We need to forgive him for doing that and pray for his soul.

  31. JulieBishop says:

    fucking pope ass looking ass dead ass

  32. Daniel M says:

    RIP, my favorite actor. Robert, I'll miss watching your videos. God bless you sir

  33. LuneyTune72 says:

    He's clearly wearing a costume for some movie, what was it?

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