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Filipinos love an action man, not just in the movies but in politics too. And you can’t get more of an action man than politician Rodrigo Duterte. His hometown …


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  1. Allen750 says:

    Rodrigo Duterte is boss-level.

  2. samar jit says:

    He is doing best for his nation. nobody need teach him

  3. rain ph says:

    look, it's been 2 months already, did he eradicate corruption in the government, no bec he's inutile.

  4. his badassery is level 9000.

  5. wall street says:

    I love this President already!!!!!!

  6. MJXz Bemolk says:

    Good documentary

  7. Supreme Bape says:

    criminals should be killed anyone that doesn't agree with that is either a criminal themselves or a idiot.

  8. Clean as much as you Can Mr. President good luck

  9. Rimo Waiba says:

    The most interesting prez around d globe.. colourful n so unpredictable and simple (I guess) he wil defintly do d best to boom d tourism industry in d phils :-)

  10. uruglytoo says:

    Davao, the 4th safest city in the WORLD?? i know now Al Jazeera is corrupt

  11. Tsnore says:

    Will Father Duterte start indiscriminately murdering whores and mama-sans next?

  12. robertsmylie says:

    High crime rates are a direct result of economic and education inequality. The root problem is a negligence of the wealthy, ruling class. Drug addicts are victims; black market economies are a result of class struggle. The solution is share the wealth equally and provide equal opportunity to prosperity. MANY Filipinos claim TO believe in God and say they are Catholic. God said, "Do not kill." Challenge the wealthy ruling class.

  13. Timo Canto says:

    He says he does not think prostitution is criminal and he says it is a " public health issue", but that is the same exact thing that could be said about drug users, but he treats them as criminals. Maybe he would not be so bad, if he understood that drug use is somebody that is self-medicating and should never be treated as criminals.

  14. rhakim Hamad says:

    Si du3o ai matapang na matalino, Si roxas sablay na bobo

  15. Muffy D. says:

    Why do you compare him to Trump? Gosh! Trump is never in politics not until today. and Trump is not a Lawyer! :(

  16. One of my fav featuring of our now president!

  17. and he won!!we voted for him..??

  18. insult the pope??even trump didnt want or dare insult the pope

  19. Chupame la poronga duterte

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