Roman Reigns (Tribute Spear/Superman Punch)


video made for me. Kerbecs.


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  1. the most undeserving peice of shit to be a wwe champion

  2. роман рейс лучше

  3. Amalia Louis says:

    Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are the best, know matter wat Tom,Dick and Harry say I love these two #BELIEVETHAT

  4. Zafar Iqbal says:

    he not try to win unjustics

  5. you deserve to be honored many congratulations for the video , I 'm a fan of roman but congratulations:D

  6. Bouba King says:

    roman is the besy

  7. Bouba King says:

    i mean roman is the best

  8. Jonny Chor says:

    I love Roman style

  9. The only One who can stop Brock Lesnar and can save the WWE is the Roman Reigns and no one else Then start to put in comment WWE #RomanVsBrock He is the only q can he made Brock lesnar bleed once and can do so again file name starts to support more he #RomanVsBrock

  10. hates is hate roman reigns doing too great!!!omg what a sad world

  11. SAI KUMAR says:

    he should be the universe champion

  12. Román es mi personaje favorito

  13. The music is arrival to earth

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