Ron Paul: Anger in Greece Will Happen in US (Video)


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Dr. Ron Paul, US Congressman and champion of the Constitution, joins Alex Jones to discuss the state of the economy, the debt ceiling, and his 2012 Presidential campaign.

Dr. Paul thinks the status of the US dollar as the reserve currency will end much sooner than 25 years. He believes the coming currency crisis will be much worse than the financial crisis of 2008.

The US has defaulted multiple times in its history, Dr. Paul explains. He points out that the current debt cannot be paid off. Those in CDs will get cheated because of the value loss in the US dollar, Dr. Paul argues. He predicts the anger in Greece will happen in America, as people discover that government promises aren’t coming through and young people realize they’re getting ripped off.

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  1. Bob Spittler says:

    “People in power get angry when they lose their power”……well maybe they need to be dragged out into the streets by very angry working class people who have LOST not just power if any they might have had but everything else and shown what really angry people can do to a corrupt, self-serving piece of dreck from high office.

  2. Bob Spittler says:

    25 years?… about 25 weeks? And they are not nor have they ever been “dollars”…they are “dollar denominated federal reserve notes”…not dollars as lawfully defined. A DOLLAR is a gold coin 25 4/5 grains of gold 9/10 pure or a silver coin 412.5 grains of 99% pure. What people call dollars are nothing but jewish confetti that spews out of the presses of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing…and the drooling public of America has been allowing itself to be sodomized bow legged for a whole century.

  3. George Washington says:

    There are literally hundreds of thousands of people embracing the ideals of liberty and guess what – you would too given a little research. So many people say Dr. Paul is anti-government, but it’s not so. Dr. Paul just wants the states to have the freedoms and responsibilities guaranteed them by the Constitution, which THEY authorized. Right now, if the Constitution was working, those 50 states would be competing for YOUR citizenship, instead of some giant corporation’s business presence. Those corporations are only viable because they have only one set of laws to comply with. Without them, our jobs would still be HERE instead of overseas.

  4. okay but Ron Paul doesnt deliver a solution for real like Horst G Ludwig from Germany does. Point is to remove the world wide financial system until its root and put a new system in place like it was with the US Eagle and even better than this. Somehow we have to consider the entire economic net up to self government of communities and do important steps in democratic evolution.

    • George Washington says:

      Sir, it starts one nation at a time. When the rest of the world is still dealing with debt crisis and countries like Iceland, the USA, etc are rebounding from using a regulated hard currency money, the rest of the world will follow.

      Ron Paul 2012

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