Ron Paul: “The Country Is Bankrupt… The People Are Being Bamboozled”


Tyler Durden

“The American people are being bamboozled into believing that you have to keep spending for ever,” Ron Paul exclaims, as “neither side is truly looking for spending cuts.” As he explains they all know that increasing spending is all that can maintain the status quo. In this brief CNBC clip, Paul says playing the blame game is ignorant of the reality that both sides are “rigid with bad ideas,” dismissing Obama’s ‘faction’ comments. For a glimpse at the chaos underlying the status quo (that is being exposed this week), Paul blasts that “it is a philosophy of government that is to blame; Keynesianism, Militarism, and Interventionism, and the funny-money system that we use. All that has come together and the country is bankrupt and nobody wants to amid it.”

Ron Paul The Country Is Bankrupt..

“Why in the world can’t the people have an option to opt-out?” is the middle ground possibility that Paul suggests…


“While more are waking up to it (especially in light of the non-essential services furloughs currently), there is still an appetite for big government – people are afraid to give up on it.


The Democrats are just as “rigid” as the Republicans.. “They are rigid with bad ideas too in that “deficits don’t matter, the government has to spend, and the government has to take care of us, and you should print money when you need it.”


Paul goes on to discuss Gold “all central banks work together – they collude”


… Moral convictions, “right or wrong”, and “the only thing that really counts is what the American people believe the role of government should be… and if deficits don’t matter, it will not be a shutdown of government but a breakdown of government that occurs

Beginning at 2:10:

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    Consider this, why should you pay taxes when the government is shut down? Why should you pay politicians when they have destroyed the economy?
    Why should we respect or even listen to a president who has lied hundreds of time to the USA?


    CNBC, Stop the stupid video switch sound effects.

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