Rothschild Illuminati Conspiracy Completely Exposed *New 2014*


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  1. Marira says:

    Fascinating, but very hard to hear through the music. Sorry to be critical, first comment, but I wanted so much to be able to catch what was being said. i did give up in the end,

  2. The Rothschild made a large portion of their money thru wars! Interesting!!

  3. Wouldn't you think Capitalism would be allot better than a NWO for the Rothschild? It isn't communism that made this country rich, but it was capitalism that made them rich!

  4. BRUJO WEEDOW says:

    nice…. a fucking documental…. so u can see who have ur money…. fuck u assholes

  5. You are putting them (the Rothschild's) on a pedestal that cannot be touched and you then say we can touch it if we follow what you say. Doesn't anyone else here see through you and what you truly are?

    If the Rothschild's really are that cunning and deceitful, then they would easily outmatch you as anyone with a brain should be able to calculate. Someone who can conquer the world overnight cannot be defeated by a lowly peasant with half the brain of the person who conquered him. Even if we group together, we would still be no match given the depth of character you have portrayed this menace. It is like Superman being as powerful as he needs to be. So far as I have seen, the Rothschild's are Kryptonian Jewish Lieutenants of General Zod and are as power as they need to be to conquer us regardless of what we do. Because we are just mortals and they are not.

    If you believe we should follow you, then surely we should be free to examine your credentials and determine if they truly are capable of outsmarting this "Dragon" you claim is menacing our world. Surely if you are smarter than a family that has duped this world for decades, you would be able to demonstrate some sort of quality like telepathy or telekinesis or some sort of mental strength that proves you truly are the real deal of someone who can fight such a menace. Otherwise, how are we suppose to believe we could win. If this menace is as powerful as you say, then the only reason we are free to think of fighting such a force is because the moment we do, we will automatically lose. Like something in your blood perhaps passed by a mosquito bite or a flee bit has entered your system with a code that has made your body or your mind instantly shut down the moment your raise a fist at a Rothschild. That is the sort of power you are presenting with such a menace. Certainly, they must have that kind of power over us that it wouldn't even matter if we all band together against them. It has been over a century since they took over, there is nothing we can do besides waiting for someone like Superman to show up.

    That is why it is important to know if you are that Superman so we can trust following you, otherwise you are just going to get us all killed when the mighty overlords discover your intentions or act to counter them.

    If you believe you are right then shouldn't we be given the opportunity to determine whether we should accept your information on our own without being psychologically driven to support you? Shouldn't our support come entirely from our own choosing and not from the urgency or aggression placed upon us to do just that?

    How are we suppose to believe some family with the richest member falling terribly short of either of the Koch Brothers in wealth is really more of a menace compared to someone akin to Jim Jones who did the exact same thing a few decades ago, claiming he could save the world from the Rothschild's when he might actually be agent of theirs. How are we suppose to believe you are not agent of theirs if you claim they are this Kryptonian menace that no one before you could have defeated?

  6. wat now says:

    backround sound is annoying.

  7. jess d says:

    this documentary is only 55 minutes looped over a few times.

  8. This film is not without it's own agenda…

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