Royal Wedding – Kate Middleton arrives at Westminster Abbey


Here we see Kate Middleton arriving at Westminster Abbey for her marriage to Prince William.


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  1. what a lovely day for her father me must have so much pride and love miss my Dad very much x

  2. Congratulations Kate Middleton

  3. splinterbyrd says:

    If I were Michael Middleton I'm not sure I'd want my daughter marrying into a family of doubtful morality descended from the wrong side of the blanket numerous times over…..

  4. wunderschönes Hochzeitsfest.

  5. Fiza Mishra says:

    I love her dress!

  6. She is so beautiful??❤️

  7. How ironic- two people marrying in a heretical sect created by an adulterer.

  8. não gosto de casamento, mas esse aí é top!

  9. não gosto de casamento, mas esse aí é top!

  10. the dress can be from long time but the thing is she is in love that the most important thing so princess enjoy your day God bless

  11. I'm the son of the native Indian king my mom told me

  12. but my mom is from Honduras they meat when she want to America my grand mother the queen of the Maya she great great uncle the king of Maya died

  13. hongtao wang says:

    Why is her dress so long ?!?!?!?!?!?

  14. Love the opening music

  15. Is she related to Dantdm? Cuz Dans whole name is Daniel Middleton isn't it?


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