Ruff Ryders – World War III


ft Snoop Dogg , Yung Wun , Scarface , Jadakiss – World War III .


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  1. ProPain187z says:

    Either you Ruff Ryde, Ryde Ruff or roll over It's a stick up, so down on yo knees 'cause I'm sicker Get disrespected , you don't disrespect me, nigga
    I'm the one these niggaz call on when negotiations are halted An' the time comes for the beatin' up the bosses


    u motherfuckers head over to my channel for some of my shit.

  2. you know my style. 20 niggas wit' 40 cal's.

    dopest line ever

  3. state ya name gangster_ chelsea_solo lfc buddy xclu remix_

  4. HAH,i remembered when i banged this on the DL in the Ice Arena ROFL,everybody was like YEAH!!! and the teacher gave me this mean look,so i locked myself in the booth and cranked it higher lololol good times

  5. Thanos ACE says:

    Yung wun RULES BITCHES

  6. Matt Tisiot says:

    '' NEW SHIT , new shit new shit..''


  8. O.G. ? He never was a gangsta on the Streets.. and dont get me started on his music. It's garbage since 2006

  9. sonep511 says:

    I hated when DJs talked over the tracks.

  10. JewUnit6 says:

    2012 vinnie paz and scarface

  11. Jonas Brothers also made a song called "WWIII"
    Which one is better in your opinion?
    Please evaluate your opinion in an prober manner 

  12. I had the video for this on a zip disk.

  13. Ryde or Die Muthalovas!

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