Russia and World War 3 WW3


Russia and World War 3 (WW3) and the disaster known as Hillary Clinton.



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  1. Well said ! Scary stuff, coming from uk here. It's odd so many good western civilians support Russia and understand the complex situation. but it seems our governments support hostile actions against them? Idiots, we needs peace .

  2. You are right man!..Putin isn't going to put up with her bullshit or The Ratchilds or The Cockafellers either. And when the shit starts thats who the people are going to go after NOT PUTIN! Similar to what happened to Mussolini in the square.

  3. I think those who get it realize that progressives are bent on an ideological world take over. It has become "those who want to remain "traditional" vs. those who want to water down and destroy our traditions through 'progressive diversity'." Englishmen are no longer allowed to be Englishmen; Germans are no longer allowed to be Germans; Swedes are no longer allowed to be Swedes… and American progressivism leads the charge with Obama being the "face of the west…"

  4. brother I think were way past a cold war!!!! we are by far past that, and another thing you make it sound like the United States is the guys that want nuclear you should hear yourself you hade me agreeing with you at first then you fucked that all up by talking Clinton I hate the bitch But this is what we need someone strong that wont back down and submit to Putin, and what you may not know might surprise you regarding our weapons and I'm not talking about the ones on the earth if you get my drift.. get it right, or don't post that BS your half wright, and the other half bullshit..

  5. Who is going to be on our side?

  6. Why is it anyone who disagrees with Obama and Clinton are deemed.."Hitler" or "nazi's"? Jesus, the liberal democrat left are some of the most intolerant nazi types you will find. They don't want any dialogue but only to silence their opposition.

  7. Good stuff. wish the world saw this… at least americans.

  8. mike b says:

    it doesn't matter who takes over….. America needs those recourse in the middle east and Russia will always be in the way…..Russia is not going to just say ok… with Syria and Iran as you please…. we can go with out our interest until your satisfied …….and America inst going to stop perusing what there interest are. ……..REGARDLESS ALL ROADS LEAD TO WAR NO MATTER WHO PRESIDENT!!!

  9. wm curry says:

    send me a message when the new video hits PLEASE somebody

  10. White-boards and pretty handwriting is underrated and underused! Good job, mate.

  11. The "Progressive" left gave us
    WW1, WW2, (working on WW3), Vietnam, welfare, Social security, The federal reserve, communism,Boss Tweed, Tammany hall, Leninism, Marxism, Maoism, Progressivism (Woodrow Wilson), Fabian socialism, liberalism, Democide, Nicolae Ceausescu (former Romanian communist president), Nazism, gas chambers, Benito Mussolini's fascism (fascisti), Maoism, Josip Broz Tito, (Yugoslav revolutionary) Trotskyism, (Trotsky invented Racism to destroy opposition) Lysenkoism, socialism, Despotism, Stalinism, Bolshevism, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (Hegelian Dialectic), (Progressive Taxation~ compliments of Karl Marx), Totalitarianism, tyranny, The KKK, The Black Panther party, planned parenthood, Pol Pot's killing fields, (and his Khmer Rouge), Pol Pot studied Marxism in Paris. Ho Chi Minh, (Vietnamese Communist revolutionary) Papa Doc’Duvalier and his national unity party, Jim Crow, lynchings, WACO, Ruby Ridge, poll taxes, literacy tests, FDR internment camps, Exec order 9066 (of which 62% of the occupants were American citizens) and failed policies like the “Great Society. as well as, Obamaism, Democide, and inevitably Bankruptism.
    The Left wing hegemonic ideology has historically been a pestilence upon a free society.

    Vicissitude you can believe in
    The mendacity of his "hope"
    Behold the fundamental devolution of America

  12. TIM KAUFHOLD says:

    did you see the video on u tube about the USA air force painting there jets in Syria Russia colours

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