Russia & China Vs USA WW3 | United States Army VS Chinese Army AND Russian Army | 2016


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  1. after 3 years russia will be stone broke

  2. one of the weakest military in the world is russia and china. turkey will keep both of them busy.

  3. joseph baska says:

    hay earth truth NO im saying it because we need a strong true americen leader not a libtard sell out like nthe rest of the canidates. whay don't you be a good little moron a keep you mouth shut when adalts are speaking

  4. China never no going in war with usa

  5. Wyatt Brown says:

    I thought this was a video about Russia, China and US going to war. looks like a lot of training photos, set to a stupid song. the data they are showing, can be gotten anywhere. it doesn't say anything

  6. Wyatt Brown says:

    also just noticed some of the data is incorrect

  7. josh munox says:


  8. destroy your tucker no the good civilians

  9. Let's do some magic works for mankind, we all go contra with Albert Pike third world war prediction.

  10. Not forget china & Russian $ north korea vs nato& usa

  11. lett me gues almost everyone of you suport russia and china but i bet you dont wanna live there and no im not a suporter of the usa and israël but neither am i a suporter of china and russia

  12. I see more aggressive and defensive comments from Americans and Filipinos who FYI *(don't you have some Arab's shoes to shine..tsk tsk) anyways consider US and NATO wins how lively do you think the world will be after all the nukes and yes everyone wants a punch of NATO so obviously let's start with N.korea to Pakistan all the way into Mideast through Iran..who have one thing in common hmmmm nukes of course

  13. Greedy country like china deserves more than this anyway

  14. who urself says:

    Agree, war is bad and stupid, competition is always less productive than collaboration. This is why I say "Thank you China and Russia for fighting american agression, arrogance and torrorism"
    They are dismantling the New World Order concept slowly but surely one brick at a time and I am not talking about military comparisson or any other brute force and wish no harm to any living creature.
    Hopefully when American terroristic regime will collapse we can finally live in peace and work together as one humanity, imagine we could have already built space ships and expand across and beyond our Solar System, wouldn't that be awesome!?
    All though we have a long way to go, because their metastasis spreaded across the planet, by the looks of it even UN is poisoned, I am not even talking about peoples minds, mass media or justice institutions.

  15. AlexHyperion says:

    America never won a War ,so how is it ever possible to think that they could handle the 2 biggest armys in the world ? China and Russia would never attack USA cus Americans buying all the shit Chinese and Russians produce ,would-be a economy suicide

  16. Vergtan Game says:

    AMERICANS ARMY IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Russia&China – USA game over

  18. What I'm seeing is we are fucked if we start the war. Because of the treaty on if we start a war we go against 36 different nations as well. Even just vs Russia and China we may lose

  19. Steve Rhodes says:

    How about USA vs Iraq , Afghanistan , Vietnam . Who wins ? We already know . So USA vs China and Russia ? Guess .

  20. even if there was going to be a ww3 u.s would absolutely wreck russia and china. this video is fake and is just to get more subs

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