Russia Launches Missiles At Turkey – World War 3


Turkish fighter planes shot down a Russian military aircraft on its border with Syria . Sources say that the Russian agency Interfax reported the Russian Defense Ministry …


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  1. We've been on the verge of world war 3. And hell yea I'd fight for my country. Going in in two years. #USMC #OORAH

  2. Jonathan S. says:

    no I will not go to war for my country

  3. I have a friend in Turkey… I've messaged him but he hasn't replied ;_;

  4. ERMERGARD! 200th like :D

  5. no, not for the US, especially if there's a retard in office.

  6. Hey, Leroy!
    Thank you for making these videos, I watch you every day. You are a massive inspiration to me, and instead of watching the actual news… I watch you! I always look forward to seeing your next video, and I love responding to the question of the day in all your videos. Thank you, you're such an awesome and funny guy. Thanks c:
    P.S: I love your accent!!!!


  7. depends if my family and my friends were in danger i would definitely do it

  8. SlackZach says:

    Well. We're fucked.

  9. for my country yes, for some stupid bull shit no

  10. Joe Mills says:

    Turkey funds ISIS 'moderates' in Syria.

  11. Liam Grady says:

    yes my country America is the best country

  12. I wouldn't go fight for my country cause there ain't no hot bitches in the army.

  13. kyle fehr says:

    Fuck yeah GO CANADA GO

  14. Who else saw the captainsparklez minecraft missile wars ?

  15. Fuck yeah I would go fight. I want to be a navy seal


  17. War is never for your country its for profit so I would say no

  18. Yes because I would die for my country

  19. Mei Egoshi says:

    No because im a scaredycat

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