Russia to Send Bombers in American Airspace…!!!World War 3..!!


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23 Responses

  1. Dennis Keena says:

    Fear mongering and sabre ratling Alex is full of shit.This is where Trump gets his crackpot theories from. His phone buddy '

  2. Den Lee Roy says:

    Its important to increase sanctions and political pressure against an aggressive fascist russian regime

  3. Den Lee Roy says:

    russia and north Korea are cruel war mongering dictatorships but they are too weak to go to war against any country with an army, russia couldn't even invade Ukraine which at the time of the russian aggression didn't even have an army ,

  4. chuy gomez says:

    Is this actually happening or is it another Fake News??

  5. qd l otan est à qqs kms des frontieres russes, on dit rien, mais qd la Russie cherche à se prémunir, ce sont eux les"ennemis" mdr

  6. What a load of propaganda! Russia is to be believed here if you do your homework. Good thing we can only die once. The game Soros is playing with the world's people will be deadly. Russians, unlike Americans don't draw imaginary lines in the sand. Kiss you ass goodbye America.


  8. Jeff Kay says:

    This shit has been re uploaded so many bloody times

  9. Jeff Kay says:

    Treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.. Its not a nice feeling having 1 little ship in your backyard,, when you have your entire military at their front door..

  10. Talking big would not make you safer, instead foster more friendship is the way to go

  11. DR Ir M says:

    All these are outdated news

  12. its easy to make things complicated but its fucking hard to keep things simple !

  13. Fox trying to start WWIII with stories that are years old. Pathetic.

  14. Soy Honesto says:

    I wish I never saw an Anglo German parasite again. Like the scum reporting.

  15. Soy Honesto says:

    YAY!! DEATH TO ESAU!!!!!

  16. you guys are FAKE NEWS…Trump team ?

  17. Waffle Man says:

    With Alex Jones in this vid..everything looses all credibility..

  18. This is all old…. HELLO PEOPLE!!

  19. Trump is just a puppet. Its not really up to him. Lol its up to the 1% the elites. That want a n.w.o.

  20. The u.s has created many tunnels and bomb shelters, so idk where the guy below me is getting his intel. Ww3 is on the horizon sadly

  21. Trump why you fucking. president putin? look the USA has no bomb shelters. I don't blaim Russia. trump. fuck you. we can't beat the NWO without Russia.

  22. Todd Alfonsi says:


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