Russia VS America World War 3 – Full Documentary


Russia VS America World War 3 – Full Documentary.


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  1. gixxerboy555 says:

    @24:55 ..maybe anywhere in the world except in Syria..

  2. nefter1 says: as an news clip don't make me laugh that guy is a nut job, just by this I gotta say this is a bullshit documentary, hopefully u can clean it to give a better message

  3. Daniel Pohl says:

    Putin paid off Russian International debt to IMF, so parasite lost it's hoast. That's why now the fucking globalists are trying to destroy independent Russian people. Just watch Money Masters on YouTube, with Bill Still.

  4. Uncle Ruckus says:


  5. Russia will kick there pansie asses into oblivion

  6. James R says:

    Time to build a bunker.

  7. Putin needs to chill with his hyper sensitivity to the west and Obama needs to stop irking Russia.

  8. What ever happened to the W70 Neutron bomb? I know it was allegedly banned and I have heard nothing about it for many years. A weapon that has the capability of massive destruction of life without damaging property or leaving radioactive waste seems too attractive for a militarily strong society to ignore.

  9. Jotham Nell says:

    usa is just to scared to fight russia,north korea,china and their allies

  10. Sabrina Ma says:

    US always accused others except themselves, they are the angels, take no responsibilities for all mistakes and constantly attacks Russia just about everything, look at that Obama and Hilary both evil faces, no truth and life in them, only death in their faces. If Hilary wins, same policy and administration, it is another duplication of Obama except in female old sly distressed face and figure under the control of Zion.

  11. Sabrina Ma says:

    US always wants wars, but never wins one except destruction, destroys Venezuela, Libya and Syria. US Obama tries to create and stir up small neighborhood of China such As Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea make up stories they are under the threat of China. They try to create Eastern Nato acting like angel that they are going to protect them, sound sweet, but East is not easy and naive TO WORK WITH, they have brains than the West cowboys.

  12. Sabrina Ma says:

    The jews puts his hand up.

  13. Sabrina Ma says:

    They can't answer the question , they all retarded, just listen to evil doers, too obedient idiots.

  14. what a parcel of boring shit

  15. Unknown T says:

    i think the guy in video should study more English … talk like robot

  16. i dont want war, ever

  17. don't belive the hype war is a possibility through economic turmoil but countries will not launch nuclear weapons instead will have the agreement to only use more traditional weaponry sick of hearing about a world order or faked alien attacks it is all bullshit

  18. Garry Bragg says:

    are you people stupid Russia will be our allys so stop with your stupid shit

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