RUSSIA vs EUROPE World War III Scenario Army Comparison 2017


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21 Responses

  1. 1 ICBM is enough for each of these puny European countries. Greetings to Russia from India!

  2. max linger says:

    anyone can build nukes even countries like north Korea the fact russia has like 8000 doesn't mean anything America has 7000 1 nuke can kill millions of people 10 nukes could finish a country

  3. James Grill says:

    Britiain france or germany two of those three could fight off russia. Russia is a big balloon NATO would pierce right through russia but russia will never invade because its nothing without its nukes

  4. This sverhderzhava Russia's nuclear arsenal were Stays To unychtozhyt 1000 times united Europe +

  5. This scenario couldn't happend because if UK go in war, USA and Canada will certainly follow them, and it's hard to believe that China, India and Turkey will stay neutral (i know there is another scenario on this channel).

  6. The question is not simple because in number russia is better than EU if i'm correct, and the technological advantage is quiet equal because of the "new" T-14 armata and SU-50. But Russia is alone and an agreement between 4 countries could beat a lone country even if it's better on the paper….

  7. Enes Zan says:

    Russia Easy Win . I Lıke Russia From Turkey . Europa Funny Army . Euro DİCK suck USA ..

  8. steven hewes says:

    Britain and France would defeat Russia. Adding the other 2 makes it a breeze.

  9. Zeya John says:

    ??win!but I think ????should tougher fuck ??

  10. Timberton 57 says:

    Please delete the photo with american soldiers for France at 11:54

  11. Russia will suck European dicks, people of Russia are fucking zombie without brain.

  12. i'm INDONESIA, love RUSIA 🙂

  13. Stand with europe and usa ! Fuck islamist erdogan and fuck russia too !

  14. Vida longa a mãe Rússia ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊

  15. I Love Germany ?? I'm planning to Live in Germany with My Turkish ❤ Kurdish ❤ Brothers and Sisters ( I Love My French ?? and Italian ?? Brothers ❤ and British ?? ( Love and Respect to Russian ?? Brothers French ?? Brothers Italian ?? Brothers and German ?? Brothers ❤ From Pakistan ??

  16. Owen Cooper says:

    Russian soldiers using AKs which were made in 1954 nothing more to be said.

  17. Russia please kill Germany
    Like in ww2
    They killed my mother and almost extermination Estonia
    They are fake NATO
    They only want to use us to become fascist again

  18. Aziz İnan says:

    Europe. Usa VS ? TURKEY RUSSIA ?

  19. Nobody wins because the french , british and russian SSBN

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