Russia Vs Turkey | World War 3


World War 3 is here as this Russian guy from Russia accuses everyone to be turkish and downing the Russian fighter jet that is not acceptable , Turkey will pay …


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  1. Alex Coffey says:

    what is your intro song?

  2. Ali says:

    Ahah, it's funny cuz I'm actually Turkish xD GG Clockwork!

  3. wow that Russian accent is terrible lol, practice makes perfect great video tho.

  4. Bourbon 2033 says:

    That is the best god damn Russian accent I have ever heard!

  5. Roedland says:

    This was so funny, i cried laughing!!

  6. it won't be world war 3, most will happen is Russia will put sanctions on exports and shit to turkey. and they probably won't do the coalition with US, and France.

  7. Daysofmylife says:

    Casper here ? funny stuff man this made had me rolling lol and you're right some kids are so weird these days smh. that one little kid with the orange shirt was funny thou he was so nervous

  8. ChaosDude says:

    your Russian accent needs a lot of practising. you should do a middle eastern accent and pretend to hate on Jews

  9. LumpyLunatic says:

    I came here for security reasons.

  10. I'm Russian! Go Russia! Those dumbasses that shot down the plane suck ass

  11. Everyone left the convo cuz they're scared of Russians. It's true, everyone is scared of them

  12. Kid said I'm not a turkey ???????? I'm dead

  13. PCGaming says:

    Loving the new festive pic xD

  14. Gooey Nick says:

    That intro gave me a tumour

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