Russia will win World War 3


Putin ‘ to cripple the United States …


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  1. Stacks says:

    Not gonna lie, that avi is looking badass…

    and russia will not win. Mw3 taught me that . 

  2. Leadjunkie says:

    Nah were gona destroy russia and china soon, it will take 2 hours to launch and destroy them. Ill wake up to the president announcing that weve been hit but we have won, radiation levels will only affect a few areas and major cities but we will win, fuck you russia and china.

  3. Dante123 says:

    russia is a badass russia gonna win

  4. America (U.S) is Babylon the Great and it will fall in an hour. Nuclear strike most likely from Russia, and in such a way that there will be no time to react… 

  5. Kevin Zheng says:

    The U.S. Now has laser weapons and 3 Highly upgrades to there attack helicopters and fighter jets and bombers and us now has "iron man" armor for soldiers and tri-2737 hell fire missile and even has the 3000-ur prototype 2 shot tanks which is 3.5 times stronger then Russia's strongest tank, though it is true Russia has more submarines and nuclear, US HAS LASER PACKED SHOCK BOMBS that is much stronger 

  6. borgetret says:

    are you sure that the US would nuke Russia to stop the armo flow ? or just shoot the plane down with the weapon ?

  7. USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA ur probualy russian thats why your making the vid

  8. MysTah-MoJo says:

    Everybody already knows Russia is cheap as FUCK Russia's most likely already got 5-10 Suit-Case nukes Russia won't do anything good in WW3 China definitely won't trust Russia, you guys are just gonna die….. And USA has plans already if you the dumbfuck you are can imagine that outcome so can the U.S so Russia is FUCKED.

  9. mr john doe says:

    weve got the avengers

  10. that doesnt help at all I DONT WANNA FUKIN DIE

  11. DJ williams says:

    dude your so dumb

  12. kevinkiley2 says:

    Let's see, Russia and China working take down the dollar as the world reserve, destabilize.. China has ships up by Alaska. Russia now owns 80% of our own Uranium.. This seemed pretty spot on. Where you learn all of your info?

  13. Tgs903 says:

    Lol fail Note: The UN will declare war on russia Becuse UN was Pesifcly made for defends of all NAtions agest russia
    And even if that happen RUssia will Get FKed by the 49 UN members and USA will use its navy to protect its seas and even if the US Dose get invaded by russia UK and Other contreys would take russia and secures it. That my oppion

  14. Vexton says:

    USA. USA. USA. USA. USA. USA. Have you seen the 100 ton anti-matter bomb that America has stashed? That will wipe out your car insurance.

  15. don't forget the communist

  16. im moveing to Russia

  17. dude I think it's funny how you say bumruss

  18. Man I am from Serbia, and I do not hate America.
    But your country is bombed my country in 1999 because we were trying to stop the terrorists (Albanians). For Kosovo Serbs fought against the Ottoman Empire, and we are freed and won. Kosovo is an ancient Christian place, but is now isolated by the United States and NATO and there are now destroying the Christian churches and Muslim mosques built. Do you know how many Muslim terrorists coming from Kosovo and Albania at this point and fight on the side of ISIS?
    We Serbs are survivors largest world wars and came out as winners, we'll win in the third world war because we are reborn in wars and we know how to fight a war.
    I'm not to blame the American people, because the greatest victims of world wars are civilians, but your policies and your secret organizations are terrorist-oriented.
    Check on Google how many terrorists come from Kosovo and Albania.

  19. Nick Bills says:

    You're a fucking idiot.

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