Sam Raimi To Make World War 3 Movie – Collider


Now that his work on Ash vs Evil Dead is over, Sam Raimi is on to his next directing gig. Variety is reporting that the Spider-Man and Evil Dead director will helm …


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  1. Hrag Farra says:

    Ha that's the Tom Clancy EndWar wallpaper!

  2. Dam I liked spider man 3, not the best movie but was still good don't get the dislike of that movie. emo parker was funny

  3. Arun Singh says:

    It gonna be war on terror.

  4. call me crazy but i rather pay $10 for 5 minute movie of a beautiful scene of world being blow up with nukes than 2 hour movie of pure talk and some action. lets get real people we all know how ww3 will end.

  5. MEET MEE says:

    spiderman 3 was awesome movie.

  6. what' so wrong about spider man 3 i liked it

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