Sandy Hook: Ten more proofs that vitiate the official account

Jim Fetzer

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary”–H.L. Mencken

Broken handrail and no handicapped access at an abandoned school

Broken handrail and no handicapped access: an abandoned school

We are confronted with two hypotheses about Sandy Hook: (h1) that it was real; and (h2) that it was not.

(h1) is true if a young man named Adam Lanza entered the Sandy Hook Elementary School after murder his mother with a .22 rifle and then slaughtered 20 children and six adults before taking his own life.

(h2) is true if this was instead a drill presented as a real event, in which no children or adults actually died, where it was done by faking the setting, staging photographs and fabricating a false record.

The difference involved here is between verification (technically, confirmation) and falsification, where the official account is only true if it is true in every respect. Given the legal principle, “Fraud vitiates everything”, if it is provably false in even one material respect, the official account has been vitiated. That is untrue of attempted falsifications, however, since any number of them could turn out to be mistaken as long as those that remain are valid, as I shall demonstrate in the following.

Fraud Vitiates Everything

In the past, I have emphasized the “Top Ten Reasons” that this appears to have been an elaborate hoax, including that proof of death has been suppressed, that emergency protocols were not followed, that drill protocols were followed and that there was foreknowledge of the event and more. The following ten are in addition to them.

Trivial variations are not enough to demonstrate that the official account is false, but would require proving that the school was closed, that no children were evacuated, that photos were staged, that the “final report” does not establish the official account, and other serious indications of fraud and fakery about Sandy Hook.

The evidence we have adduced in a dozen articles appears to be more than sufficient to establish that the official account, (h1), cannot be sustained and is constructed on the basis of fraud, deceit and deception. The legal principle, “Fraud vitiates everything”, thus applies in this instance. The alleged event was staged.

The public has been massively deceived at the local, state and federal level, which is only explicable on the basis of complicity by officials at the local, state and federal level. The evidence suggests that this was (what is technically known as) a FEMA “Capstone” event, which involved the entire community and was years in the planning.

(1) Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed

Sandy Hook Elementary School had been closed at least since 2008 and was used as a stage in 2012. I have published about this several times, including in “Sandy Hook Elementary School: Closed in 2008, a stage in 2012″ and “Sandy Hook, Stephen Sedensky, William Shanley and the elaborate hoax”. The proofs include the use of the Wayback Machine and multiple videos of the inside and the outside of the school, which was not fit for students, adults or other living things. As I asked the Newtown School Board, “When were the parents notified that their children were attending school in a toxic waste dump?”

Here is a photograph of the school taken on the day of the shooting.  Notice that the handicapped parking areas are not properly demarcated with white paint and blue markings. There are no “above grade signs with white lettering against a blue background” that bear the words, “handicapped parking permit required” and “violators will be fined”, which means that Sandy Hook Elementary School was non-ADA compliant.  That day, CNN was mixing images from other schools with those from Sandy Hook:

Photo of Sandy Hook parking area

Among the most active web sites discussing Sandy Hook has been maintained by James Tracy, who was among the first to notice anomalies in the press conference held by Connecticut State Medical Examiner Wayne Carver. Here are some comments about the parking lot specifically:

Patrick says: February 22, 2014 at 7:07 am

I still remain stuck on the parking lot, lophatt. Bureaucrats are very reliable. They go by the book with the most annoying fastidiousness, and the book at issue here is the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, which mandated that handicapped parking spots in public parking lots be painted blue.

It is inconceivable that a public grammar school would ignore that requirement for more than two decades. I am not the one around here who first noticed the anomalous parking lot, but ever since this was pointed out it has struck me as definitive evidence that the building, if it was used for anything, had not been used as a school since the 1980s at the latest. I’d call it proof.

John Luv says: February 23, 2014 at 3:29 pm

Musings, I have helped out my handicapped uncle for the greater part of 25 years. All handicapped spots in malls, walmart, doctor’s offices, public buildings, private buildings, apt. buildings, schools, universities etc. have lines that are painted white, and a different color from the surrounding yellow lines. The lines are not blue, but white. The picture of the wheelchair which is painted in the spot is white/blue or blue/white. The sign placards have a blue background with a white caricature of a wheelchair and sometimes vise versa. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that they are NOT painted yellow, are separate from the yellow lines, and closest to the entrances.

The SHES parking lot was clearly in violation of not only the color scheme, but it was in deplorable condition and probably not resurfaced in over three decades or more. It did have evidence of patching and crack sealing, but nothing else. I guess they didn’t want any of the actors who parked there during the drill to get tire damage from the numerous potholes that were covered over, lol!

Even the Newtown Bee published an article explaining why it would be highly impractical and extremely expensive to refurbish the building, because it was full of asbestos and other bio-hazards. While that appeared following the event, it has to have been known long in advance and undoubtedly contributed to the decision to abandon the school at least as long ago as 2008 and possibly even earlier, as the observations from suggest.

(2) The “official report” does not make its case

At this point in time, it is relatively trivial to demonstrate that the “official report” on Sandy Hook that was authored by Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky does not establish a causal nexus between the shooter, his victims and the weapons he is alleged to have used. It suffers from the shortcomings of concluding that there were no fingerprints on the .22 rifle that was allegedly used to shoot his mother and, even more surprisingly, that of the large number of shots that were fired from the 5.56 calibre Bushmaster (close to 150 rounds), none of the bullet fragments could be matched to the weapon:

No positive identification in 5.56mm

Under these circumstances, it would have been impossible for the alleged shooter, Adam Lanza, to have been convicted in a properly conducted court of law for his alleged offense, because no causal nexus has been established between the purported shooter, his weapons and the 20 children and seven adults he is supposed to have killed, which one might have naively supposed was the point of the investigation. But if that was its goal, then its objective was not achieved.

If there has ever been such an abysmal failure in the annals of forensic investigation, I would love to hear about it. This is absurd! And it won’t do to maintain that the official report is consistent with the Bushmaster, for example, having been used. The point is to exclude those bullets having been fired from any other weapon and to establish forensically that Adam Lanza murdered his mother and others at Sandy Hook on 14 December 2012. This report doesn’t do that.

(3) The “iconic” photo for the event was staged

We have published several studies of the celebrated Shannon Hicks’ “iconic photograph”, which seems to show children being evacuated from Sandy Hook. But now we have additional proof it was staged, where the children were rearranged into a different sequence to create the “best shot” to convey the false impression that a real emergency was taking place. Here is addition proof that this was a hoax:

And a new video study offers further proof that this was only a drill, where the author is very patient and circumspect in arriving at the conclusion that it was a hoax and no children died.  One of his best observations concerns what a real evacuation would have looked like, which would have been something a lot like this, where DASHCAM recordings show no children, teachers or staff at the locations of evacuation specified in police records when they are compared:

When you combine the missing 469 children being evacuated from the school, the absence of EMTs hurrying into the school to rush those little bodies off to hospitals were doctors could pronounce them “dead or alive”, the denial of access to the bodies by their parents, the lack of urgency about what was taking place–including rearranging the children to take a staged photograph–there really is no room for doubt that this was a hoax.

(4) No evidence of marksmanship training

In multiple contexts, I have also observed that the “official narrative” would have the public believe that Adam Lanza was a firearms fanatic, yet ATF Special Assistant Agent Gene Marquez reported that his agency “has not been able to uncover any evidence that the mother and the son were actively engaged in going to the gun ranges, practicing marksmanship, or anything of that nature.”

During the second hour of her interview with Mike Power, Joyce Riley mentions a Wall Street Journal article that stated they couldn’t find any evidence of Nancy or Adam Lanza going to any of the shooting ranges in that local area.  In a video, “No Gun Permit Under Nancy Lanza’s Name in public records, says TIME Magazine”, at 57 sec mark, there is a screen shot from TIME, saying that in a public records search, they could find no firearms or weapons permits under Nancy’s name:


Video description: Published on Jan 11, 2013- So gun permit records are public knowledge, and major news outlets are unable to find any for Nancy Lanza. Not even for the AR-15 rifle? The police are saying that those guns were registered to her and she had permits for them, but apparently the public records themselves are not supporting their theories.

The conclusion that the suspect would have been unable to perform the feats attributed to him is also shared by Mike Powers, who was featured on Joyce Riley’s “Power Hour”, by Mark S. Mann, who contributed the monologue en route to Sandy Hook in Sofia Smallstorm’s “Unraveling Sandy Hook” and by me as a former Marine Corps officer who used to supervise marksmanship training at Camp Pendleton.

(5) Noah Pozner’s “death certificate” is fake

Upon first consideration, Lenny’s “death certificate” for Noah Pozner looks authentic, where questions only arise when you take a closer look. For it to have been published by his father, Lenny is a significant development, since it is the first concrete proof we have that any child actually died at Sandy Hook. As I have emphasized, there have been extraordinary efforts to suppress information about these 20 deaths:

As Dennis Cimino has observed, why would they need to use different typewriter ribbons on that certificate for different fields of it? and why is the certificate clearly with shaded areas that are not uniform like authentic death certificates are? You can clearly see that the typewriter clarity is blurry in some fields and clear and crisp in the others, meaning that, while the blurry ones may have been done with a typewriter, the clear sections were photoshopped into the document. His observations have been reinforced by those sent to me by Bob Sims:

(1) I am rather surprised, according to the copy you posted, that any branch of government was still using typewriters at all, when computers can do it so much better. However, the use of a typewriter in this case makes it much easier to spot fraud.

(2) For starters, can you see any reason for the government typist to change the ball back and forth on the IBM machine I must assume was being used, because I cannot think of a reason to go to the extra trouble, and what for?

(3) For example, look at the very top in Box 3, where the date is posted. Why is that type clearly smaller than the rest of the page? You would have to change the ball for this, but for what reason?

(4) Now look at the capital “A” in Box 12 for Residence (Alpine). It is identical to the capital “A” in Box 22 for Mailing Address (Alpine). It is also identical to the capital “A” in Box 33 for Funeral Home. This is totally as expected, is it not? Read on.

(5) Note that the capital “A” in question above in three different boxes has a small flag at its pinnacle. Compare that to the capital “A”, without the small flag in Box 4, Time of Death, Box 26, City or Town, Box 27, County of Death, and Box 39, Time Pronounced, and in Box 46, Time of Injury.

(6) Compare Box 1, “Noah,” with Box 7, “November,” and you will clearly see that the spacing between the “N” and the “o” is quite different.

(7) Compare Box 1, the “N” in “Noah,” with Box 26, the “N” in “SANDY.” They are clearly different.

(8) Compare Box 1, “Samuel,” with Box 11, “Sandy,” and again, the spacing between the “S” and the “a” is clearly not the same.

(9) In fact, the entire spacing in Box 1 is unlike any other in the forged document.

(10) Compare the name “Pozner” in Box 1 with “Pozner” in Box 20, clearly not the same.

Noah Pozner’s death certificate is a fake, which we have proven on a dozen or more different grounds. But if Sandy Hook had been real, there would have been no reason to fake it. QED

(6) The redacted FBI report on Sandy Hook

The FBI  has now released its report about Sandy Hook, which has been so massively redacted that it looks worse than a chunk of swiss cheese. As Wolfgang has asked, “What does the FBI have to hide about Sandy Hook?” Barack Obama said he would utilize the full resources of the federal government to determine what happened there. Wolf wanted to know so he could apprise other school districts of how to avoid a replication at their schools. This is simply obscene:
Redacted FBI report on Sandy Hook

As Dave Altimari has reported in The Hartford Courant, “Of the 175 pages released in response to a Courant Freedom of Information request, 64 were completely redacted and most of the other 111 pages were heavily redacted.” If the official account of a single demented shooter taking out 20 children and 6 adults on 14 December 2012 were true, there would be nothing to redact.  He came, he shot, he died.  There should be no more to it than that.

So there has to be more to it than that. Once again, we have evidence of a massive cover-up, in this instance by the FBI. This is reminiscent of the Warren Commission’s decision to classify documents and records about the death of JFK for 75 years on the ground of “national security”.  If a lone demented shooter had committed that crime with 3 lucky shots, however, there was no “national security” aspect to the case. The FBI handled the investigation in that case, too.

(7) Obama officials confirmed it was a drill

Governor Malloy had held a press conference that day, explaining that he and the Lt. Governor had been “spoken to” that something like this might happen, which raised the question, what “something like this” did he mean? Had he been told a school shooting massacre would take place? or a drill that would be presented as a real event, which appears to be what took place?

Remarkably, we now have confirmation from an unexpected source.  Paul Preston, a Los Angeles school safety expert, obtained information from officials in the U.S. Department of Education of the Barack Obama administration, who have confirmed to him on the basis of their own personal knowledge that: (a) it had been a drill; (b) no children had been killed; and, (c) it had been done to promote an anti-gun agenda. Listen to his interview with Sofia Smallstorm:


Given his background of 41 years in the California public school system (from custodian to district superintendent) and having served as a teacher, coach, vice-principal and principal before retiring in 2012 as the superintendent of two charter schools, I thought what he had to say about Sandy Hook deserved widespread dissemination. You can read the transcript at “Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died.

(8) Wolfgang has discovered the “script”

Because Wolfgang Halbig is not only a former school principal and national school safety expert but a former Florida State Trooper, when he was told by two Connecticut State Troopers that the official files from the State Police on Sandy Hook was actually its “script”, he began to study it carefully and found one flaw after another, including that a dozen or more Connecticut State Troopers had signed false affidavits about their entry into the school. And there is much more:

Notice that the exhaust emissions and frost on the ground are what you would expect on a day where the temperature was below freezing. But notice, too, that the children are not dressed for cold weather in the “iconic” Shannon Hicks’ photographs and that there is no frost to be seen therein. The proofs of fakery are abundant and compelling, which Wolf is spelling out:

Not only is he discovering blatant fabrications, such as the false affidavits from State Troopers, but he has found that they have even gone back to “tweak” some significant matters of omission, such as calling for medics to come to the crime scene. But even then, they do not know enough to get it right, since “defibs” are not going to resuscitate dead children:

So the situation appears to be quite fantastic, where corruption abounds from local to state and up to federal officials. Wolf has been dedicating himself to publishing and annotating the script on his web site, Sandy Hook Justice, where you can follow the unraveling of the whole scenario, piece by piece, as he applies his expertise taking apart its abundant flaws.

(9) Wolfgang’s letter to Obsidian Analysis

 The Connecticut State Police Report was not published until 27 December 2013 (to judge by the cover letter from the Commissioner), where Wolf has tracked down the company that appears to have been hired by DHS to conduct this drill. It’s name is Obsidian Analysis, Inc. and its corporate headquarters are in Washington, D.C. Wolf has sent them the following letter (into which I have embedded two photographs to illustrate his point) on Friday, 22 August 2014:
 Obsidian Analysis, Inc.
 1776 Eye Street, NW
 4th Floor
Washington, DC 2000
202.459.0500 (p) 202.459.0501 (f)
The next time FEMA conducts a Capstone shooting drill such as at Sandy Hook please use me in reviewing school shooting scripts since I am a National School Safety Consultant who trained over 3500 school police officers for the US Justice Department.
Please read your scripts at since two Ct State Troopers trusted me with the information. You could have done a lot better if I reviewed those scripts.  They do not match and to have 16 Ct State Troopers go through the shot out window and they write it under a sworn police affidavit is just insulting to any police officer.  One should have gone through the window and opened the door for the other 15 you think. [Editor’s note: As Wolf has elsewhere observed, even Curley would have done that for Larry and Moe.]

            Glass was not ground into the floor (page 42)   Furniture has remained in place (page 22)

Bad scripts and you are in trouble because who requests Defibs at 10:35:13 am on Dec 14, 2012 to have all paramedics bring in their Defibs to the Sandy Hook School. Why? What are they going to do–jump start all the dead bodies?
You can do better next time.
So I called Obsidian at 8:57 AM/CT on 27 August 2014 and explained that I was a journalist for VT doing a story about FEMA and DHS and wanted to speak with them about their involvement.  They emphasize that their clients include DHS and FEMA on their home page. The receptionist was very polite and asked me to spell my name and give her my phone numbers, which I provided. She said she would make arrangements for someone to call me back. As of today, however, no one from Obsidian has called me back. It gives you the impression that Obsidian just might have something to hide.

(10) Governor Malloy’s Press Conference

The key linkage between the federal and state governments was implied when Governor Malloy and his Lt. Governor held a press conference on the day of the event, 14 December 2012. Governor Malloy explained that they (he and the Lt. Governor) had been “spoken to” that something like this might happen, which raised the important questions, “Spoken to–by whom?” and “Something like this–what could that possibly mean?” Here is that press conference itself:


And we know that Attorney General Eric Holder, who is a fanatic control advocate, met with him and the Lt. Governor on 27 November 2012. It cannot be the case that Holder “spoke to” them about the prospect of an actual shooting taking place or the governor would have contacted the school districts in Connecticut to advise them to enhance their security, which he did not do.

Alternatively, he appears to have been “spoken to” about the conduct of a drill at an abandoned school, which would be presented to the public as an actual event in order to promote an aggressive gun-control agenda. We now know that that must have been what he meant, because that is exactly what played out on 14 December 2012, where more and more proof continues to become available.

The evidence we have uncovered establishes that Sandy Hook Elementary School was abandoned by 2008, that the “iconic” Shannon Hicks photograph was staged, that 469 students were not being evacuated and that this was a drill but presented to the public as though it had been a bona fide emergency, where Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky appears to have played the pivotal role and where Wolfgang Halbig is publishing its 11,000 page “script”.

Paul Preston learned from his contacts in the Obama DoE that it had been a drill, that no children had died and that it was done to promote an anti-gun agenda. This means that Barack Obama and Eric Holder were involved in creating an event that instilled fear in every mother and child across the nation in order to make the public more amenable to manipulation in order to promote its political agenda by subverting our rights under the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. Which means that Sandy Hook was in fact an act of domestic terrorism!

The situation is therefore rife with irony. The President and Attorney General took oaths to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Who would have believed that they would go so far as to abuse their authority to employ acts of domestic terrorism in order to deprive the American people of their rights under the 2nd Amendment? But, as more and more details are filled in, this appears to be the lesson of Sandy Hook.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

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