SAS Boeing 737-700 Super Low Landing at Skiathos – Skiathos Airport Planespotting with ATC Comms!


With 5-12 SAS arrivals at Saturdays and Sundays, weekends are ‘SAS days’ in Skiathos. In this video you can watch a SAS Boeing 737-700 with winglets …


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  1. Yaniv Cohen says:

    wowww!? nice video!

  2. Πραγματικα, αυτες οι σκηνες σου κοβουν την ανασα.Υπεροχο βιντεο

  3. lovefly says:

    Ωραιο βιντεο!!!!!αν θες δες το τελευταιο μου βιντεο

  4. Awesome video! Liked and subscribed. Sub back?

  5. TK spotting says:

    so amazing ! liked for sure ! i just love this airport :D

  6. skylineXpert says:

    Usually boeing comes all other scandinavian airports (except copenhagen)

  7. Great video, mate! That airport is still on my wishlist, so awesome! Liked!

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